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What Different Types of Full Length Mirrors are Available?

Full length mirrors are one of those rare accessories that can add both a stylish accent and a practical element to any room in your home. Make a small room look larger with a well-placed mirror, set up a space to take a look at your full ensemble before you leave the house, or use a mirror to reflect light and create an inviting ambiance — the possibilities are endless! 

There are a variety of options for full length mirrors to consider, depending on the overall style of your decor and how you want to use the mirror in your space. From the design and materials that go into the frame of the mirror, to additional features that might make a certain mirror best suited for a certain room or purpose, there are an array of factors to think about and a host of mirrors to choose from. 

Shop mirrors online or in-store now, and read on to learn more about the different types of full length mirrors available to enhance your home. 

Cheval mirrors

One of the most convenient types of full length mirrors is the cheval mirror. ‘Cheval’ is the French word for ‘horse,’ and this mirror style gets its name in reference to its frame’s four legs. Because cheval mirrors can stand on their own, you can use them to furnish any area of your home. 

Free standing mirrors are an appealing pick for bedrooms and larger hallways because they don’t require any furniture to lean against or mounting equipment to attach them to the wall. You can move them around as needed and easily incorporate them into your setup. 

Most cheval mirrors offer a traditional, classic look, but you can also find alternatives that are designed with modern style in mind. Additionally, the frame design of many cheval mirrors allows for you to adjust the mirror’s position, making it a versatile pick to enhance your space. 

Leaning and wall-mounted full length mirrors

If you want a full length mirror for a room but you don’t have space for the bulkier frame of a cheval mirror, there are plenty of minimalist options that will fit effortlessly into any home. Many large mirrors are designed to simply lean against the wall, meaning that you can move them as needed and set them anywhere you like. 

For a real space-saving alternative, you might also consider wall-mounted mirrors. While this requires you to commit to a location for the mirror, it doesn’t take up any additional floor space — ideal for small bedrooms or narrow hallways. You can even mount the mirror on a wardrobe door, putting it in the perfect place to check your outfit when you get ready for the day. 

Mirrors with lighting

No matter what style of full length mirror you opt for, you might be looking for that little something extra to really enhance your room and your daily routine. Luckily, there are plenty of options — but one of our favourite features for a mirror is lighting. 

Most likely, you’re using your mirror to help you put your outfit together in the morning, and having good lighting is key, so what better way to ensure you’ve got the ideal ambiance than with full length mirrors that have lighting built in? 

You can find full length mirrors at Corcoran’s with LED bulbs that offer cool or warm lighting, or even which toggle between the two. Many of our lighted mirrors also have dimmer switches so you can dim or brighten the light as needed. 

Mirrors with built-in storage

The last mirror feature we want to highlight is storage. Some cheval mirrors include a drawer in the frame that lets you keep items like accessories conveniently close at hand, just where you want them when you’re finishing your look. There’s no need to search for the perfect scarf or sunglasses when they’re stored right in the frame of the mirror. 

And then there’s one of the most stylish solutions for staying organised and looking great while doing it: the jewellery cabinet mirror. The front of this mirror type opens up to reveal space to store your necklaces, earrings, and more, as well as nail polish and cosmetics. Chic and sophisticated, you can start the day in style with this versatile pick. 

Shop fabulous mirrors of all sorts at Corcoran’s

Whether you’re looking for a stunning full length mirror, a table-mounted piece for your vanity, or a gorgeous framed option to hang on your wall, you’ll find a striking collection of mirror options online and in-store at Corcoran’s, along with a whole array of accessories to enhance any room. 

Plus, for more mirror inspiration, check out our recent post on 5 of the Very Best Mirrors For Sale on the Corcoran’s Website, and find the perfect piece to suit your home decor style.

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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