Dining Area Styling Tips

Dress up the dinner table with dining area trends and styling

The style for supper and trends for tea: today we’re looking at how you can refresh your kitchen and dining area and add the latest interior design looks to your space. 

We’ve got tips and tricks whether you’re looking for a big upgrade or just to add a few new details, whether you’ve got a combined cooking and eating area or separate dining rooms and kitchens, and everything you need to know to bring chic home decor style to the table. 

Get cosy

In the last year, the dining table has become a lot more than just a place for dinner. Especially if you have a separate, more formal, dining room or table in addition to a table in the kitchen area, you may have previously only used it for special occasion meals. 

But now that we’re all spending more time at home, every inch of space counts and often has to perform double (or triple duty). The dining table isn’t just for mealtimes, but also for work from home, remote schooling, and more. 

That’s why the latest trend in dining area styling is a less formal, more comfortable vibe. Think about creating a space that’s cosy and welcoming. 

Bring warmth to your dining room with an area rug, some playful art, or even a few throw pillows on the chairs. 

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Step up your seating

We’re all hoping that it won’t be too long before we’re back to hosting family and friends for lively dinner parties, and dining area styling trends reflect that with a ‘the more the merrier’ mentality. Instead of minimalist styling with sparse seating and small tables, think big! 

Go for a larger dining room table or one that is extendable to squeeze in more guests, and add extra chairs so there’s plenty of seating for everyone. 

You can even embrace the multipurpose nature of your refreshed dining area with statement-making occasional chairs that might normally be found in a living room.

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Go green

Green is the colour trend for interiors and particularly dining area styling this year. There are so many ways you can incorporate this lush hue into your kitchen or dining room. 

A green accent wall, green presses, or even green appliances can give your dining area a bright and modern look. If you want a more minimal touch of green for your kitchen or dining room, try tableware in shades of lime or sage, depending on whether you want a bold or subtle look. 

Of course, plants are always a classic way of bringing this natural hue into your home, whether you opt for real or faux flowers, leaves, or other greenery. 

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Lighten up with pendants 

A relatively simple way to completely change the look of any space is to adjust the lighting. 

Pendant lights are a favourite this year, and one of the great things about pendants is that they are perfect for any type of dining area. Whether you eat at a kitchen island, a table in your kitchen, or a dedicated dining room, pendant lighting can hang above your tabletop and shine a light on mealtimes. 

Whether you’re looking for a classic look with larger pendant lights that have traditional lampshades or you want to opt for refined, industrial details with distressed metal finishes and exposed bulbs, pendant lighting will update the look of your dining area with trend-right appeal. 

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Make a centrepiece statement

You probably have centrepieces you bring out for holidays and special meals like candlesticks, crystal vases, or other decorations. Maybe your day-to-day table is only kitted out with the usual placemats and cutlery. But there’s no reason you can’t bring special occasion style to your everyday! 

Decorate your dining area with any sort of centrepiece—maybe take the opportunity to show off some favourite china that you usually keep tucked away in cabinets, or get a fun bowl to use as a fruit basket. 

A centrepiece is a lovely way to inject your personal style into a space and add a decorative touch to your mealtime essentials. 

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Whether you’ve been staring at the same mealtime space all winter and you’re ready for a change, or you’re looking forward to welcoming family and friends with a whole new look for your dinner parties, there are plenty of options for giving your dining area a new lease on life. 

And if you have any questions about kitchen and dining area decor and accessories, our experienced interior design team at Corcoran’s would love to help you pick out the perfect new pieces for your home, so get in touch today

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Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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