Double and Single Bunk Beds

A traditional bunk bed features two single beds stacked one atop the other, but sometimes you need a little extra sleeping space or room to sprawl. That’s where double and single bunk beds come in, and at Corcoran’s we have a variety of options that are ideal for kids’ bedrooms, guest rooms, or anywhere you need them! With an appealing array of double and single bunk beds for sale in Ireland, Corcoran’s offers everything you need to spruce up a spare room or maximise your child’s sleep space.  

Buy double and single bunk beds for reliable sleep options in any room

Instead of two stacked single beds, double and single bunk beds have—as the name suggests—a top single bed lofted over a lower double bed. This makes them ideal for a number of reasons: in a guest bedroom, you can sleep a family of three with parents on the lower bunk and the child up top on the smaller bunk. Or, in a kid’s bedroom your child can sleep on the lower bunk, with the smaller upper bunk available as needed for sleepovers and visits. Double and single bunk beds are an ideal convenience for adding sleeping space without compromising on comfort

Double single bunk beds that can separate into two beds

While the frames of a double and single bunk bed are designed to sit on top of one another, there may be times when you prefer two beds side by side on the floor. Many of our double single bunk beds allow for this, letting you separate the two bunks and use them as two beds. 

Triple bunk beds with storage

Double and single bunk beds are also sometimes called triple bunk beds, as they can sleep up to three people altogether. And they also sometimes offer additional storage for even more space maximisation. Buy double single bunk beds with drawers or shelves for additional organisational appeal! 

Double and single bunk beds and beyond at Corcoran’s 

In addition to double single bunk beds, we have a full spectrum of sleeping options here at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets, along with every other type of bedroom furniture you can imagine. Plus, we offer furniture for all the other rooms of the house—living room, dining room, bathroom, hallway, and even for outdoors in the garden. Finish off a room with an array of accessories to complete the look. 

Expert advice and answers to all your questions

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