Double Mattresses

Double Mattresses

Make bedtime something to look forward to with seriously comfy double mattresses from Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets.

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Make bedtime something to look forward to with seriously comfy double mattresses from Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets. Whatever filling and level of firmness you prefer, we have the right double bed mattresses to suit your needs at the right price, and all of our standard double size mattresses can be delivered to your door throughout Ireland for added convenience.

A wide range of double bed mattresses to choose from

There are so many different types of double mattresses to choose from on the Corcoran’s site. Each of them takes the standard template of 4ft 6 mattresses in terms of dimensions, then adds its own twist with unique features.

For example, our line-up includes:

Gel double mattresses

Opt for standard double size mattresses with an integrated layer of gel and take advantage of the amazing cooling properties that this brings to the table. A gel double mattress ensures that you can sleep comfortably even when the summer months arrive.

Pillow top double bed mattresses

If comfort is key to a good night’s sleep for you, then our pillow top double mattresses will be a boon, with high spring count units available for customers who want the ultimate in terms of luxury and comfort.

Hybrid 4ft 6 mattresses

Struggling to choose between the different filling and configuration options? Opt for a hybrid double bed mattress that mixes pocket springs, memory foam, and even gel in different layers that result in a completely customised and unforgettable-feeling end product.

There is a whole heap of other varieties of double mattresses available at Corcoran’s, whether you are looking for units that are breathable and firm or those capable of accommodating the contours of your body precisely, so browse the whole range here today.

Explore all the furniture we have to offer

Why stop at double mattresses, when Corcoran’s is also home to everything from TV units to tableware, from flooring to bathroom tiles, from fireplaces and stoves to kids’ furniture, and beyond? Everything you see has been carefully chosen by our team to ensure its quality and cost-effectiveness, as well as its style and comfort.

Speak to Corcoran’s for more info

You can reach out to us in various ways if you have furniture questions or need support, so give us a call on 064 669 1112 for a chat or email us instead and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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