Dressing Table Mirrors

Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has a great selection of dressing table mirrors and vanity mirrors to browse online or see at our stores in Kerry and Limerick. They all make a fine addition to the room where you prepare yourself for the day. Find modern make-up mirrors and dressing table mirrors that are traditional in design when you browse and shop at Corcoran’s.

Delve into a diverse line-up of dressing table mirrors

A major benefit of shopping for vanity mirrors with Corcoran’s is that we aim to offer as many different types of products in this category as possible, suiting the differing needs of our customers. This includes:

Large dressing table mirrors

Suitable for pairing with wider, deeper dressing tables, these larger scale make-up mirrors are well equipped to fit in with more expansive spaces, rather than being dwarfed by them. All the makeup vanity mirrors we supply are carefully selected from our manufacturing partners in Ireland and around the world to ensure unquestionable quality and value for money for our customers.

Small vanity mirrors

Whether you have a limited amount of space on the surface of your dressing table, or you simply prefer the more compact dimensions of a smaller mirror, we have the perfect products for you. In addition, these dressing table mirrors are not limited in terms of their sturdiness or design variations, as there are all sorts of materials and finishes to consider, from plain, natural wood to painted and richly varnished surfaces.

Dressing table mirrors of different shapes

Another aspect to note about our makeup vanity mirrors is that there is a wide selection of shape configurations to choose between, ranging from standard rectangular and square units to oval and round counterparts.

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