Drink Tables

Drink Tables

Picture this: you’re sitting on your sofa, drink in hand, watching your favourite tv show or sporting event.

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Picture this: you’re sitting on your sofa, drink in hand, watching your favourite tv show or sporting event. You reach for the remote, but you need somewhere to set your drink. The coffee table is a bit too far away, and you don’t want to stretch and ruin your perfectly relaxed moment. Never fear! Choose a drink table from Corcoran’s and add style and surface space to your living room. With a host of options available on our website or from our stores in Kerry and Limerick, you’re sure to find a drink table that’s perfectly positioned for your favourite sofa or armchair.

Dress up a room with an ideal drink table

Like all our furniture, we select a drink table for inclusion in our range by looking at three factors: quality, function, and style. Our drink tables are sourced from top manufacturers and crafted from sturdy materials with the best processes, ensuring that they are durable and good value for money. They naturally offer space for you to set a drink, and many are equipped with lower shelves or drawers so you can keep clutter organised and out of sight. Finally, of course, is style—the best drink table is one that is not only useful but also looks great! You can be sure that, at Corcoran’s, you’ll be able to choose a drink table that offers all of the above.

Small drink tables and more

Whether you want a small drink table, one with a pedestal, a drink table in black or gold, or any other type, you’ll find what you’re looking for here on our site. Our collection is full of drink tables that are designed for all decor types, so browse and buy today!

Plenty of other furniture favourites, too!

Once you’ve chosen your perfect drink table, pair it with a coffee table, accent chair, or even a new suite. Then kit out your dining room, bedroom, or even your garden. With Corcoran’s, the possibilities are endless, and you can design your home decor to perfectly fit your style.

Get in touch about our range and meet our knowledgeable team

Any questions about our drink tables or anything else in our collection? Our team is available to help! With expert advice and home interiors tips, you can have all your questions answered by ringing us at 064 669 1112  or sending an email via our contact form.

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