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Easkey Textured Boucle Cushion

Easkey Textured Boucle Cushion

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  • Handcrafted Haven: Each cushion, a handmade masterpiece crafted in Ireland, exudes sophistication
  • Boucle Beauty: Cloaked in the finest boucle fabric, it’s a soft sensation for any setting
  • Warmth in Weave: Available in the rich hues of burnt orange or tranquil taupe, it’s a visual treat
  • Seamless Style: Colour-matched backing ensures a unified and elegant appearance
  • Plush Polyester: Crafted with 100% polyester for enduring comfort and charm
  • Feathered Finesse: Comes with a luxuriously soft feather pad for ultimate relaxation
  • Dimensional Delight: Please note that dimensions are approximate, adding to its unique character.
Number of variations: 4
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Easkey Textured Boucle Cushion: A Boucle Cushion to Cush Your Worries Away!

Where Irish craftsmanship whispers tales of elegance, the Easkey Textured Boucle Cushion emerges. This cushion is a cloud of comfort, a testament to Irish hands weaving magic in boucle.

Tailored in textured triumph

Donning the most exquisite boucle attire, this cushion is no ordinary squishy square. Its textured touch is akin to a soft melody, soothing your senses with every graze. Dive into the deep warmth of burnt orange or the gentle embrace of taupe—each shade a vivid expression of elegance and tranquility.

A backing that’s got your back

Uniformity? Easkey Boucle Cushion has got it in spades! With a colour-matched backing, this cushion doesn't play hide and seek with style; it flaunts it, front and back. It's like a perfectly tailored suit—impeccable, irresistible, and oh-so stylish.

Crafted from polyester with boucle panache

Crafted from 100% polyester, this cushion is about longevity as well as striking looks. It promises to be your sofa's best friend, your armchair's ally, or your bed's buddy for years to come.

A cushion feathered with finesse

Inside this fabric wonder is a feather pad that's plump with comfort and ready to engulf you in a hug. It's a nest of cosiness, waiting to cradle you.

Approximately awesome

And just a little note: the dimensions are approximate, adding a touch of whimsy and wonder to each piece. After all, in a world of precision, a little sprinkle of 'approximate' is the true spice of life.

The Easkey Textured Boucle Cushion is your new soft spot to land. It's a swatch of sophistication and a whisper of whimsy, all rolled into one. Give your home a story, a hug, and a smile with this boucle beauty.

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