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Eileen Oak 1 Drawer Bookcase


Eileen Oak 1 Drawer Bookcase

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  • 60 W x 45 D x 142 H cm
  • Oak’s Warm Embrace: The Eileen Oak 1 Drawer Bookcase brings the room together with a natural warmth that’s more inviting than a steaming cup of tea.
  • Butcher’s Craft: With top detailing that harks back to a butcher’s block, this 1 drawer bookcase carves out a space that’s both sturdy and stylish, without the need for a cleaver.
  • Everlasting Lacquer: The kind of lacquer finish that sees more than a few spills in its time, protecting and perfecting the oak’s every groove and grain.
  • A Shelf for All Seasons: This isn’t just a bookcase; it’s a veritable storage Swiss Army knife, ready for everything from housing War & Peace to your pot of peace lilies.
  • Aesthetic Agility: Capable of sidling up to any interior design, the Eileen Oak 1 Drawer Bookcase is the furniture equivalent of a social butterfly.
  • Part of the Eileen range
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Eileen Oak 1 Drawer Bookcase: A Treasury of Timber

Step into a space enriched by the Eileen Oak 1 Drawer Bookcase, a tome-and-trinket holder that's as warm as a wood-burning stove and twice as appealing.

Chef's Kiss to Craftsmanship

Top-edge detailing inspired by the sturdy butcher's block gives this bookcase an artisanal edge. It's the culinary academy's gift to your reading nook.

Lacquered to Last

A finish so robust, it doesn't just ward off wear and tear—it practically winks at it. This is oak with a coat that's ready for anything you can throw at it or on it.

Versatile by Volume

Books, baubles, or an array of oddities—whatever you need storing, the Eileen Oak 1 Drawer Bookcase is up to the challenge, with shelves to show off and a drawer to hide away.

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Dimensions 60 × 45 × 142 cm
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