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Eileen Oak Dining Bench


Eileen Oak Dining Bench

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  • 130 W x 35 D x 46 H cm
  • Embrace the Oak’s Embrace: The Eileen Oak Dining Bench isn’t just warm; it’s practically giving out hugs in your dining room.
  • Chop Chop Chic: With a nod to the butcher’s block, this bench is all about robust charm—minus the meat.
  • Lasting Lacquer: It’s finished with a lacquer so resilient, it laughs in the face of scuffs and scoffs at scratches.
  • Versatile Virtuoso: This bench plays well with any interior style, making it the social butterfly of seating.
  • Sturdiness in Spades: Built with the promise of tomorrow, the Eileen Oak Dining Bench is here for a good time and a long, long time.
  • Part of the Eileen range

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The Eileen Oak Dining Bench: Where Durability Meets Design

Step into a space that embraces the natural, handcrafted beauty of oak with the Eileen Oak Dining Bench. This wooden dining bench offers a sanctuary that brings the cosiness of a woodland cabin to your dining tableau.

Butcher's Block, But Make It Fashion

Inspired by the robust form of a butcher's block, this oak dining bench combines practicality with form. It's the radius-edged rebel that decided sitting is the new slicing.

Finished to Perfection

The lacquer finish isn't just durable; it's a clear coat of invincibility, bringing out the oak's character and grain that's as unique as your guests' dining quirks.

Complements Your Style

Whether your home whispers rustic charm or shouts warm minimalism, the Eileen Oak Dining Bench is the chameleon in the room, ready to blend in or stand out, depending on the chatter of your home's design dialogue.

Solid as an Oak

This bench is a steadfast companion to your dining table, ready to support you, your family, and the occasional dance-off that happens post-dessert.

Dimensions and Details

Weight 14.5 kg
Dimensions 130 × 35 × 46 cm
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