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Eileen Oak Display Cabinet


Eileen Oak Display Cabinet

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  • 88 W x 40 D x 190 H cm
  • Sleekly Silent: The Eileen Oak Display Cabinet opts for a clean, handle-free façade, proving that silence can indeed speak volumes.
  • Butcher’s Elegance: With a top that tips its hat to the butcher’s block, this oak cabinet doesn’t just store your treasures; it carves out a space for them.
  • Lacquered for Life: Coated in a lacquer so durable, the Eileen Display Cabinets is practically daring you to test it. This finish doesn’t just protect; it glorifies the oak’s every quirk.
  • Showcase, Don’t Tell: Behind glass doors, your keepsakes do the talking, elegantly housed and dust-free. It’s like a museum display, but with more personality.
  • A Chameleon in Oak: Adaptable isn’t just a buzzword for this cabinet; it’s a way of life, ready to blend into any design theme it encounters.
  • Part of the Eileen range

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The Eileen Oak Display Cabinet: A Showcase of Craftsmanship

The Eileen Oak Display Cabinet takes a vow of minimalism with its contemporary handless design. It's the strong, silent type that commands attention without a single word—or handle, proving that the best design statements are often unspoken.

Crafted with Care

Reminiscent of a butcher’s block but refined for the modern home, the radiused edges of the cabinet’s top celebrate artisanal craftsmanship. It's a nod to the timeless tradition of woodwork, polished with a touch of elegance.

Finishing Strong

Protected by a lacquer as resilient as it is revealing, the Eileen Oak Display Cabinet ensures that the oak's natural beauty is not only preserved but also highlighted. Each grain and groove tells a story, enriched by the lacquer's protective embrace.

A Stage for Your Stories

Glass doors offer a peek into your personal gallery, turning everyday items into exhibits. Internal shelving stands ready to curate your collection, from the precious to the peculiar. It’s a space designed not just for display but for celebration—of memories, milestones, and the mundane made magical.

Style That Adapts

In the world of interior design, the Eileen Oak Display Cabinet is a true chameleon. Its natural oak construction is a canvas, blending seamlessly with any backdrop, from the boldly avant-garde to the serenely traditional. This cabinet doesn't just fit in; it elevates the space around it.

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Weight 56 kg
Dimensions 88 × 40 × 190 cm
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