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Eileen Oak Nest of Tables


Eileen Oak Nest of Tables

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  • Larger table – 50 W x 40 D x 55 H cm
  • Butcher’s Block Detailing: Sporting a radiused butcher’s block detail that whispers, “I’m artisanal,” each table top is a silent ode to the meat-chopping surfaces of yore.
  • Durable Lacquer Finish: Clad in a protective lacquer finish that not only makes the oak pop but promises to stick around longer than most houseplants.
  • Versatile Functionality: These nesting tables are like a magic trick for your living room, appearing when needed and disappearing just as swiftly. Space-saving has never been so elegantly elusive.
  • Solid Oak Construction: Crafted from the kind of oak that trees dream of becoming. Robust, sturdy, and enduring enough to handle your everyday dramas.
  • Warmth to Your Space: The oak nest of tables adds warmth to any room, much like a well-placed compliment.
  • Natural Wood Charm: Making each set as unique as a snowflake, if snowflakes were made of oak and could beautifully complement your decor.
  • Part of the Eileen range

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The Eileen Oak Nest of Tables: A Trio of Charismatic Timber

The Eileen Oak Nest of Tables boasts a radiused butcher's block detail, suggesting a certain je ne sais quoi that whispers, "Yes, I'm artisanal," without the need for overalls or a meat cleaver. It's the kind of detail that says, "I appreciate the finer things," like cheese boards and silent judgement.

Durably Clad for the Ages

With a durable lacquer finish, these tables are well protected. This finish not only accentuates the oak's inherent beauty but also ensures it's a lasting fixture in your home.

Magic in the Making: Versatile and Vanishing

Offering versatility that rivals a Swiss Army knife, these nesting tables magically appear to hold your drinks and vanish when you need more floor space. They're the David Copperfield of the furniture world, without the need for dramatic flair or television specials.

Sturdiness That Tells a Story

Constructed from oak so robust, it could probably hold up family secrets as well as it does your coffee cups. These tables are built to withstand the rigours of daily life, including but not limited to: hastily written novels, impromptu arm wrestling matches, and the occasional dinner party.

Warmth That Doesn't Require a Fireplace

The Eileen Oak Nest of Tables brings a warmth to any room that's often sought but rarely found, much like the quest for the perfect slice of toast. It's the ideal way to create a cosy atmosphere.

Uniquely Yours, Like a Fingerprint

Finally, the natural wood charm of these tables ensures that each set is as unique as your fingerprint—if your fingerprint was incredibly stylish and received compliments from guests on its great taste and undeniable flair.

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Dimensions 50 × 40 × 55 cm
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