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Eir Beige 12mm Laminate Flooring


Eir Beige 12mm Laminate Flooring


  • Eir Beige 12mm Laminate 2.35 y2 pack
  • Natural Wood Aesthetic: Embrace the charm of the forest with a natural beige wood grain pattern that breathes life into any room with its earthy embrace.
  • Durable Laminate: Crafted with top-tier laminate, this flooring fends off the frolics and follies of daily life, promising long-lastic wear and resistance to everyday foot traffic for enduring elegance.
  • Versatile Beige Tone: A versatile beige hue that plays nice with any interior design playbook, be it cutting-edge contemporary or timeless traditional.
  • Low Maintenance: Wave goodbye to worrisome wipe-downs! This low-maintenance marvel makes cleaning a breeze, a boon for bustling households.
  • Spacious Illusion: Let the wide planks work their magic, conjuring a more spacious and open feel, turning cramped into capacious.
  • AC4 abrasion class rating: Boasting an AC4 abrasion class rating, it’s a floor that’s not just a pretty face—perfect for homes with hustle or light commercial locales.
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Natural Charm Meets Modern Durability with Eir Beige 12mm Laminate Flooring

Step into a world where rustic charm coalesces with modern resilience with the Eir Beige 12mm Laminate Flooring. This flooring solution isn't just about laying planks; it's about laying the foundation for a myriad of memories in spaces that speak of style and substance.

Woodland Whispers of Organic Warmth

Envelop your space in the embrace of nature. The natural beige wood grain pattern of the Eir Laminate Flooring brings an organic warmth to any room, making it a haven of rustic tranquillity. A bit like walking in a serene forest, but within the comfort of your home.

High-Quality Flooring for Laminate Longevity

With Eir Beige 12mm Laminate Flooring, you get a floor that withstands the test of time and the trials of traffic. Our high-quality laminate offers long-lasting wear that braves the everyday hustle and bustle with grace and grit.

Beige is the New Bold

This versatile beige tone is a chameleon in the world of interior design. Whether your home echoes the modern minimalism of a city loft or the cosy corners of a traditional cottage, this flooring harmonises with styles across the spectrum.

Maintenance Ease: Fuss-Free Fancy

For those who lead a life on the go, this low-maintenance flooring is a dream come true. Easy to clean and maintain, it ensures that you spend less time worrying about spills and more time enjoying your splendid space.

Wide-Plank Spatial Sorcery

Transform your space with the optical illusion of our wide planks. They expand the horizons of your room, making it appear larger and more inviting—a little trick for grand visual treats.

Toughness Trophy with AC4 Abrasion Class Rating

Designed for both heavy domestic and light commercial use, our Eir Beige 12 mm Laminate Flooring comes with an AC4 abrasion class rating. We get that it's not just about aesthetics; it's about providing a robust foundation that stands the test of time and traffic.

Laminate Labyrinth: A Plethora Awaits

The journey to find your perfect floor doesn't end here. Visit our laminate flooring page for an array of options, each a testament to style and durability, waiting to become a part of your home's story.

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Dimensions 121.5 × 19.6 × 1.2 cm
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