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Eir Rome 12mm Laminate Flooring


Eir Rome 12mm Laminate Flooring

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  • Eir Rome 12mm Laminate 2.35 y2 pack
  • Cosy Brown Charm: An inviting brown tone that wraps your room in a snug and homely ambiance.
  • Timber-like Texture: Expertly crafted to mirror the allure of real hardwood, complete with intricate grain details.
  • Resilient Build: Engineered for endurance, this laminate resists scratches and daily wear, ensuring lasting allure.
  • Simple Care Routine: Just a quick sweep or damp mop away from maintaining its pristine look.
  • Interior Harmony: Its neutral brown seamlessly blends with various decor themes, enhancing any room’s aesthetic.
  • Robust Rating: Proudly sporting an AC4 rating, ideal for bustling homes or light commercial areas.
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Eir Rome 12mm Laminate Flooring: Where Warmth and Elegance Reside

Step onto the Eir Rome 12mm Laminate Flooring and feel the embrace of a home that echoes with warmth and elegance. This eye-catching laminate flooring is set to be the canvas that paints your space with cosy hues of comfort and style.

Warmth Woven in Every Plank

The warm brown hue of the Eir Rome 12mm Laminate Flooring is like a snug hug for your feet. It infuses each room with a welcoming aura, turning houses into homes. It's the perfect backdrop for a plethora of pleasant memories.

Authenticity at its Core

Why just dream of hardwood floors when you can have the next best thing? This 12mm laminate flooring mimics the natural beauty of hardwood, complete with detailed graining and patterns, bringing authenticity right to your doorstep.

Durability Defined

Constructed for the comings and goings of everyday life, the Eir Rome 12mm Laminate Flooring boasts a scratch-resistant surface. It's ready to face the daily dance of life, ensuring your floors look fabulous for years to come.

Effortless Elegance

Maintenance? More like a cakewalk. This easy-to-upkeep flooring requires nothing more than a regular sweep or a damp mop to retain its new-like sheen. It's the perfect partner for those with a busy lifestyle.

Decor's Delight

The neutral brown shade pf the Eir Rome 12mm Laminate Flooring is a match made in heaven for a wide range of interior styles and colour palettes. From bold and contemporary to subtle and classic, it complements them all, making it a versatile choice for any decor enthusiast.

Toughness Testament with an AC4 Rating

With an AC4 abrasion class rating, the Eir Rome 12mm Laminate Flooring is as tough as it is beautiful, suited for both heavy domestic and light commercial use. It's the flooring that stands strong, no matter where it's laid.

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Dimensions 121.5 × 19.6 × 1.2 cm
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