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Enfield Oak and Metal Dining Table


Enfield Oak and Metal Dining Table

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  • 125 W x 125 D x 75.4 H cm
  • Retro vibes get a modern twist with Enfield’s Oak and Metal Dining Table
  • Savour meals atop a round, saw cut rustic oak top, with captivating patterns for visual intrigue
  • Enjoy the rustic charm of a wire-brushed and distressed table top, hand-crafted for authenticity
  • Sturdy black powder-coated metal sled legs offer resilience with a contemporary edge
  • Enfield balances premium materials with dynamic design, creating a dining table that radiates luxurious sophistication
  • Remember, this stunner is a proud member of the Enfield range!

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Enfield Oak and Metal Dining Table: When Rustic Meets Retro

This isn't just a dining table; it's a roundabout ride to retroville with a scenic route through rustic country. The Enfield Oak and Metal Dining Table is here to take your dining experience on a journey of style and sophistication.

An oak and metal dining table that's a feast for the eyes

Every meal becomes a banquet when it's laid out on the Enfield Oak and Metal Dining Table. The round saw cut rustic oak top displays striking patterns that are as satisfying to the eye as a well-cooked meal is to the palate.

A touch of dstressed elegance

The table top isn't just oak—it's wire-brushed and distressed oak. This handcrafted detail gives the Enfield Oak and Metal Dining Table a rustic charm that's as warm and welcoming as a country cottage.

Steady steeds of steel

Sitting atop sturdy black powder coated metal sled legs, the Enfield Oak and Metal Dining Table isn't just about looks—it's about stability, too. These aren't just legs; they're the strong silent type, giving the table a steadfast quality that's as reliable as it is stylish.

A round table of sophisticated knights

Forget King Arthur; this round table is all about luxurious sophistication. A key player in the Oak and Metal Enfield collection, the Enfield Oak and Metal Dining Table brings together dynamic design and top-quality materials to create a piece that's truly extraordinary.

Dimensions and Details

Dimensions 125 × 125 × 75.4 cm
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