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Essential Mattress Protector

Essential Mattress Protector

RRP: 39.9969.99

  • A smooth, durable and ultra-thin protector for a healthy sleep environment
  • Features an air-permeable and silent waterproof barrier that protects and extends the life of the mattress
  • Miracle membrane provides protection against allergens, such as dust mites, pet dander, and mould
  • Fitted skirt fits standard and extra depth mattresses
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Can be used with an electric blanket
  • Ideal protection for your mattress
  • Please check our collection of mattress protectors here
  • Comes with the manufacturer’s 10-year product guarantee for materials and workmanship
  • An additional anti-stain guarantee applies if this product is purchased together with a mattress (must be on the same invoice)
  • Please note that the packaging of the protector can differ from the image on the website
  • Get in touch to learn more
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Choose an essential mattress protector for your ideal sleep setup

Everyone knows the statistic that we spend a third of our lives in bed, but while that means you should definitely choose a comfortable mattress to see you through years of sweet dreams, it also means you should add an essential mattress protector to keep your mattress looking and feeling clean and fresh. This ultra-thin but super-durable mattress protector is waterproof yet permeable, encouraging airflow but keeping out liquids, allergens, and more. 

An essential mattress protector for any bed

This essential mattress protector has a smooth, jersey knit feel so it won’t make noise or be scratchy beneath your sheets. Plus, it is available in sizes to suit any bed, and features a fitted skirt that will snugly wrap around both standard and deep mattresses. It can even be used in conjunction with an electric blanket, so shop the essential mattress protector now for a versatile addition to your bedroom essentials. 

Care instructions

Wash and tumble dry this mattress protector before use and as needed. This protector can be washed in hot water — do not dry clean and do not use bleach on this product. Tumble dry medium together with other bed linens or towels.

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