Accent Chairs

Everything You Need to Know When Buying Accent Chairs

If you are seeking to add an element of drama or fun to your living space, or if you simply want to express your individual personality and style, then look no further, the accent chair is here to save the day!

Through the addition of an accent chair, which usually incorporates a pop of colour or a distinctive design pattern, you can instantly revitalise your space of choice in just one simple step.

The very word ‘Accent’ is described in the Oxford English Dictionary as something that emphasises or highlights (esp. by contrast) a decorative style feature which gives a distinctive visual emphasis to something’. Hence, a stylish, beautiful, and unique accent chair will instantly transform and complement your space, whether it is in a living room, bedroom, hallway or office.

There are no strict rules when choosing an accent chair, after all, this piece of furniture reflects one’s individual preference. However, there are a few tips and tricks to consider when choosing the perfect statement chair for any space.

What are accent chairs?

Accent chairs come in all shapes and sizes. They usually provide a visual ‘stand out’ focal piece in a room and they often have a dominant or strong colour or pattern. They also serve as a complement to the overall colour scheme of an individual room or a large open space.

Of course, the style of accent chair you choose is ultimately down to your personal taste, and the size, colour and pattern you choose will depend on your own particular design goals. Do you want to make a bold statement, or do you want to showcase a more subtle classic look? The world is your oyster and there are no limitations. It’s your space, your rules.

Do accent chairs have to match?

Definitely not! As with speech, where each accent has its own individual tone and inflection, each accent chair presents a different character and tells a different story. Depending on the space available to you, these can be blended in with your overall colour scheme or they can stand out as a unique or daring statement piece.

However, it is important to consider the overall style, colour scheme, and proportions of the room when selecting a feature chair. For example, if the room has a neutral colour palette, a bold and colourful accent chair can add a pop of colour and personality without necessarily matching the other furniture.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and feel free to go a little outside of your comfort zone. After all, an accent chair is designed to make a distinct impression.

How many feature chairs should I have?

It is important to take the size of your room into consideration when deciding on the number of accent chairs you want to include. For example, if you have a large living room then you can add several feature chairs, but if you have a smaller office space, you may only be able to fit one chair in the room.

In an ideal world you want to be able to seat the same number of people in your living room as you can around your dining room table. The addition of an accent chair helps to accommodate this, particularly if you are tight on space or alternatively, if you have plenty of space and you want to fill an area or to help the room ‘flow’ more freely.

Are accent chairs for decorative purposes only?

An accent chair can serve many purposes. It can be used as a distinctive design feature as well as a functional seat to utilise and enjoy. It can also be used to ‘warm up’ or ‘soften’ an area or a space such as a bedroom, a hallway or even in a large bathroom.

I even know someone who created an accent chair in memory of their late father, which they placed in his favourite spot in the living room. It is affectionally called ‘Grandad Tony’s chair’ by all who sit there. So, whatever the reason for the addition of an accent chair to your space, be it for sentimental or design purposes, chose one that feels just right for you.

Where should I place my accent chair?

Traditionally, when you think of an accent chair the image of a living room space may come to mind. However, accent chairs have evolved over the centuries and have become increasingly popular in homes, offices, department stores, and public spaces and they have long established themselves as quirky, individual, and aesthetically beautiful artforms in their own right.

Some ideas of where you can use featured accent chairs are as follows:

  • In an empty space
  • In a corner
  • Opposite the main couch
  • A ‘stand-alone’ piece in an alcove
  • A large hallway
  • Next to a coffee table
  • Under a reading lamp
  • In the kid’s playroom as a perch for toys, books, resting, and sometimes for instant napping!
  • A design feature in a large room
  • A stand-alone feature in a smaller room with limited space and minimal furniture
  • A focal point in a kitchen
  • In the bedroom as an individual design feature
  • In a conservatory
  • Wherever the space permits an accent chair in your home!

So many accent chairs, so little time

As there are so many stunning accent chairs to choose from you may have a tough job picking just one. A few tips to consider when choosing the perfect accent chair are:

  • What shape do you want your feature chair to be? Larger, smaller? Arms, armless? Long or short legs?
  • Tie in the accent chair with your overall colour scheme or pick up the colours from other items in your space, such as cushions, accent walls, rugs, curtains and accessories
  • Be brave and go for a completely different colour. For example, navy couches paired together with a bright yellow accent chair
  • Add an accent chair with a subtle touch and aim for a timeless neutral colour that will last throughout the years as trends come and go
  • The colour does not have to exactly match the other furniture in the room, but it should complement it
  • Incorporate your personality and show off your design skills by adding cushions or a throw
  • Keep in mind that the placement of your accent chair is important. For instance. under a reading lamp or next to a console table makes for a perfect design feature
  • Keep your accent chair away from walls, particularly in smaller rooms
  • A good way to arrange you accent chairs is to place it within arm’s reach of an island, coffee table or side table. It looks great and it’s also functional
  • Remember an accent chair also goes extremely well with a footstool or an ottoman, there are no limitations

Accent chairs to suit your space

The size and shape of the accent chair you choose will depend on the space available to you. Regardless of space limitations, there are a broad range of chairs available to choose from and you will no doubt find one that matches your design goals and one that reflects your individual style. Don’t be afraid to tap into your inner designer goddess and have lots of fun when choosing the right chair for your space. Explore the full online range of our stunning occasional chairs here.

BE BRAVE and BOLD, just like the perfect accent chair.



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