Fabric Dining Chairs

Fabric upholstered dining chairs will keep you comfortable through mealtimes, dinner parties, and any other domestic dining scenario. The Corcoran’s site is festooned with fabulous fabric dining chairs, and you can also see our range in person at our stores in Kerry and Limerick, so finding your ideal seating has never been simpler whether you shop online or buy in-store.

Fabric dining chairs of every style

Your options for fabric dining chairs are extensive, so no matter your decor or budget we’ve got you covered. The Corcoran’s range includes:

Wooden dining chairs

Wood chairs with fabric upholstered seat pads are a classic choice that can suit traditional and modern homes alike.

Metal dining chairs

Dining chairs with metal frames and the comfortable addition of fabric will keep you feeling comfy while still giving you that ultra-modern, industrial look.

Colours & materials of all kinds

Fabric dining chairs are very versatile when it comes to the kinds of materials you can select. Whether you are looking for something subtle that will suit a neutral living space, or you want to use them to add pops of colour alongside your other furniture, Corcoran’s can help.

Also, worth singling out is the quality of the dining chairs we supply. We only work with reputable manufacturers, which means our products are not only well made and durable but also priced competitively to save you money.

You can buy fabric dining chairs individually or invest in a full set to take your living room decor to new highs. Our terrifically tactile, eminently hard-wearing fabric upholstery will help you fall in love with mealtimes at the dinner.

Experience our full furniture range

Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has lots more than just dining chairs to discover, as we are also national suppliers of sofas (including fabric sofas), armchairs, patio sets, bedroom furniture, flooring, bathroom tiles, and a wealth of other products. We sell home office furniture, kids’ furniture, and plenty of accessories as well, so home makeover projects of all sizes are our speciality.

Get in touch for more information

You probably have questions about dining chairs that need answering, in which case a call to Corcoran’s on 064 669 1112 will be the fastest way to get a reply. We can also be reached through our contact form, so please get in touch.