Firm Mattresses

Care For & Support Your Back with this Range

If you need extra support from your mattress or if you prefer a firmer feel, Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has got what you need. We have firm mattresses of all sizes, with a range of materials and features available. You can get firm mattresses delivered to your door, or you can see them at our stores in Kerry and Limerick.

Finding the right firm mattresses made easy

At Corcoran’s you have a wealth of firm mattresses to compare and contrast, allowing you to narrow down your options to the exact product that fits your requirements.

Whether you want medium-firm mattresses that are still somewhat supple while providing a decent amount of resistance, or you would prefer a full-blown extra firm mattress to help with underlying back issues, we have got you covered.

And of course, firm mattresses do not skimp on other useful features, with many examples offering breathability so that you can stay cool on warm nights, as well as offering consistent support across the entire surface area, to prevent localised sagging or unwanted wobbling if you have a particularly fidgety partner.

Standard sizes galore

Another good thing about looking for firm mattresses at Corcoran’s is that we supply every type of standard mattress size in this range.

You could be looking for a single mattress for a child’s bed or the spare room—in either case, you should find excellent products of this size here. We also offer firm mattresses in small double, double, king, and even super king sizes, so you really can pick high quality, affordably priced mattresses for any existing bed frame, giving you complete flexibility and control for a good night’s sleep.

Lots more furniture to fall for

Corcoran’s can help you kit out your home with new furniture, as we supply storage cabinets, drinks trolleys, tableware, dressing tables, divan beds, and a whole host of other great products. We choose our ranges with care and can deliver furniture to customers across Ireland, so browse the line-up on our site and buy today.

How to contact Corcoran’s

If you have a quick question about our furniture products or you would like our team to advise you in any way, please feel free to give Corcoran’s a call on 064 669 1112 or to email our experts using the contact form on our site.