Free Standing Mirrors

If you have floor space to spare and you want a piece of furniture that is practical as well as making an aesthetic statement, then free standing mirrors are ideal. Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has lots of free standing mirrors to shop online or see at our stores in Kerry and Limerick, with competitive pricing across the board.

Find out more about free standing mirrors

You might be surprised by just how varied the design and styling of free standing mirrors can be, and at Corcoran’s, you have your pick of self-supporting mirrors of all shapes and sizes, including:

Solid wood mirrors

Choose free standing mirrors with gorgeous frames made from solid woods including oak and walnut. These can be varnished to let the natural look of the wood remain intact or painted and finished in an array of colours and textures.

Free standing mirrors with storage

Make a standing mirror even more practical by picking an example that comes with built-in storage, typically in the form of a drawer, cupboard, or shelf located below the mirror and integrated as part of the base of the unit.

There are a number of other decisions to make when it comes to weighing up your free standing mirror options. Do you want a mirror that can be pivoted to get its angle just right? Do you want a mirror that sits propped on a rear-mounted, kick stand-style support? Do you favour a two-tone design over a solid colour for the frame? Do you want a mirror with a floor-length, ornate frame, or a modern and minimalistic one? With the Corcoran’s collection, finding any of these is a breeze.

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Corcoran’s is not just a great place to find mirrors of all kinds; we also supply customers across Ireland with top-notch furniture including armchairs and corner sofas for comfortable nights in, office furniture to revamp your home workspace, and all sorts of design accessories so you can fulfil your interior ambitions.

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