Full Length Wall Mirrors

Do you need a mirror that you can see your whole body in, but you lack the room for a free-standing mirror? Full length wall mirrors offer the same function with a smaller footprint, and we have lots of options available to browse and buy here at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets, whether you are looking for bold designs or more neutral, subdued looks.

Finding the right full length wall mirrors made easy

With the breadth of options to weigh up at Corcoran’s, you do not need to settle for anything less than the ideal full length wall mirrors to suit your requirements. The range includes:

Ornate mirrors

If you want full length wall mirrors that are decorative as well as functional, then Corcoran’s is the place to search. We have big frames, bright colours, eye-catching finishes, and top tier materials aplenty in this line-up, from vintage pieces with a bit of va-va-voom to contemporary maximalist mirrors that will match modern style sensibilities.

Wooden mirrors

There is nothing like the natural appeal of full length wall mirrors made from solid wood, and at Corcoran’s there are plenty of options in this category, crafted from materials such as pine, oak, and walnut. This is good news if you have other furniture at home that you are hoping to match with your mirror.

Bevelled mirrors

Sometimes all you need is a full length mirror that does not overdo it with an ornate frame, or any frame at all for that matter. Find beveled mirrors that are well suited to the bathroom or bedroom and that can be purchased in larger sizes at Corcoran’s.

We offer home delivery across Ireland for our mirrors and all our stock, and we have stores in Kerry and Limerick that you can visit as well.

Not interested in mirrors? No worries!

Even if you already have the mirrors you need, Corcoran’s can supply all sorts of other furniture to make your house a home, including recliner sofas and chairs, dining tables and benches, wardrobes, and sofa beds, as well as all sorts of accessories to let you beautify whichever spaces in your property that are in need of some TLC.

How to get in touch with Corcoran’s

If you are eager to ask a question about our furniture products, or you are unsure about the best option to suit your space, our team can assist you. Call 064 669 1112 or email Corcoran’s and get the expert advice you need today.