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Garden Parasol and Base


Garden Parasol and Base

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  • Expansive Canopy: Spans a generous 3 metres in diameter, ideal for shielding just about anything from the relentless sun—be it your lounge chairs, snack table, or secret garden hideaway.
  • Lightweight Yet Sturdy Pole: Crafted from aluminium that’s as rust-resistant as it is feather-light, ensuring your parasol doesn’t turn into a lawn dart at the first breeze.
  • Metal Ribs with a Backbone: Strong metal ribs that refuse to fold under pressure, providing steadfast support and stability, come wind or high water.
  • Chic Silver Finish: Sports a powder-coated silver finish that not only looks sharp but also laughs in the face of corrosive elements.
  • Sun Tracking Made Easy: Features an adjustable hanging design, allowing the canopy to tilt and shadow your every move without playing musical chairs.
  • Crank It Up (Or Down): Equipped with a crank handle that’s so easy to use, it practically turns itself—ideal for when you’d rather not exert more effort than lifting your glass of sangria.
  • A Fit for All Spots: Perfect for everywhere the sun shines—gardens, patios, balconies, or poolside. It’s the versatile shade solution your sun-drenched afternoons have been begging for.
  • Heavyweight Champion Base: Includes a 15KG base that keeps everything grounded, because the only thing taking flight should be your party balloons.

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Unfurl the Shade: The Ultimate Garden Parasol and Base

Effortless Expansion

Spanning a generous 3-metre diametre, our expansive Garden Parasol and Base offers more than just ample shade—it provides a sanctuary from the solar barrage. Perfect for enveloping everything from chaise lounges to dining tables in cool, comforting shadow.

Built to Endure

With its lightweight yet stalwart aluminium pole, this Garden Parasol and Base stays upright and cheerful in the face of corrosive seaside air and unexpected gusts. Complemented by metal ribs that are as unbending as your will to relax, it promises stability and long-lasting service.

Details that Matter

  • Chic Silver Finish: Dressed in a sleek, powder-coated silver, it's clear our Garden Parasol and base will quickly steal the spotlight in your garden
  • Adjust with Ease: Thanks to its adjustable hanging design, it follows the sun (or dodges it) with a simple tilt, ensuring you remain comfortably in the shade without playing a constant game of musical chairs.
  • Smooth Operation: Featuring a user-friendly crank handle that makes opening and closing almost as satisfying as sipping your favourite cocktail.

Base-ically Unshakable

It comes with a robust 15KG base, ensuring that your parasol stands its ground, even when the rest of your garden decor might have second thoughts during a stiff Irish breeze.

Bring home the Garden Parasol and Base today—because the only thing more reliable than the rising sun is the shade from your new favourite outdoor accessory.

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