Glass Coffee Tables

Coffee tables can be made with a range of materials, but glass remains a popular option thanks to its good looks as well as its everyday practicality. Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has glass coffee tables galore, with many different designs and styles to consider, so you can match your new coffee table to your tastes and your decor with ease.

Groovy glass coffee tables for every home

While the attractiveness of glass coffee tables is a given, it is also worth remembering the other reason people choose this type of product: the ease with which it can be cleaned. While wood and other materials may soak up spills and absorb stains, glass can be wiped spotless in seconds, leaving the surface looking good as new.

What is more, with so many different glass coffee tables to choose from here at Corcoran’s, you will be bowled over by the variety of designs that are on offer.

From majestically modern tables that look almost space-aged in their styling, to more traditional examples that combine glass tops with materials like metal and wood for the base, there is something for everyone.

Sizes & storage options

Another asset of glass coffee tables is that they can be even more practical thanks to the flexible storage capabilities they feature.

Examples with an added layer of shelving beneath the top surface will let you keep all the usual clutter of your living room out of the way, making things much neater. Some even feature drawers and other storage nooks, and of course, there are a multitude of sizes and shapes of tables to compare as well. This lets you select the option that will fit your room down to the ground.

Finding furniture is easy with Corcoran’s

In addition to coffee tables of all types, we also supply living room furniture including couches, armchairs, and recliners, along with sideboards, dining tables, picture frames, beds, garden furniture, flooring, and many more amazing products, all of which are priced competitively and carefully chosen from top manufacturers to guarantee quality for our customers.

Speak to us for coffee table advice

Deciding between coffee tables and other furniture products is easier when you speak with a Corcoran’s team member. We can be reached via a phone call at 064 669 1112 or you can email us using our contact page.