Glass Dining Tables

Sturdy, stylish, glamorous, and practical, our glass dining tables will elevate your decor and deliver memorable dining experiences for decades to come. Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has a wide range of glass-topped dining tables to consider, so see the line-up at our stores in Kerry and Limerick or simply browse the range here on our site right now.

Elegant glass dining tables for that contemporary look

If you find traditional dining table designs to be too ornate or old-fashioned for your tastes, then a glass dining table will be just what you are looking for.

There is a simple elegance to glass as a material for furniture, and it is also surprisingly versatile as it can be altered with treatments during manufacturing to change its colour and tone. Plenty of shapes and styles are available within this category, so whether you are looking for a round glass table, a square or rectangular glass table, or something in between, Corcoran’s has got you covered in the dining room.

Practical features aplenty

Just because glass dining tables may be aesthetically pleasing, that does not mean they offer only form over function. This is reflected in the variety found in our range, including:

Extendable glass dining tables

While plenty of glass tables are fixed top, others have extendibility integrated into their design so that you can seat more guests when needed, while taking up less space for everyday eating.

Glass tables with wooden and metal bases

Tables made solely from glass can be found, but most offer a hybrid of different materials to complete their designs, with wooden or metal materials used for the base to create uniquely appealing designs that lots of people will love.

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