Glass Side Tables

Glass side tables can help you make the most of your living space, giving you more area for displaying ornaments and placing reading lights. They also add that fresh and contemporary vibe a material such as glass brings along with it naturally. Choose from lots of glass lamp tables here at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets, and get your order delivered nationwide.

A great range of glass side tables

Glass lamp tables do not need to limit you to a particular era or epoch from an aesthetic point of view but are actually surprisingly varied when it comes to style. As such, Corcoran’s line-up includes:

Vintage-inspired glass side tables

Whether you want an Art Deco or an industrial glass side table that harks back to an earlier era of furniture fashion, Corcoran’s can supply what you are looking for, with the combination of other materials such as metal helping to reinforce the retro-chic style of the products in this category.

Contemporary glass lamp tables

For a thoroughly modern look and feel, glass side tables can certainly fit the bill, with a combination of glass tabletops and wood underpinnings often being used to achieve the look.

Another talking point for our glass side tables is that many offer more storage than the surface alone can provide. This might come in the form of built-in shelving below the top layer, or drawers and cupboard doors that hide even more items out of the way while still keeping them close at hand.

Whether you order glass tables online or visit our stores in Kerry and Limerick, you can be sure that Corcoran’s has the highest quality products across every category.

More than just side tables to consider

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