Glass Storage Units

Glass storage units are a great way to keep your most precious possessions on display while keeping them out of harm’s way and less prone to gathering dust. At Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets, we have glass storage units galore, including luxuriously designed, competitively priced units that are made to last. On our website and at our stores in Kerry and Limerick we offer storage units of every size, shape, and style.

Get the lowdown on glass storage units

Corcoran’s really does have glass storage units to suit every home, as our line-up includes high-quality examples such as:

Glass-fronted cabinets

Perfect for the living room or hallway, our glass-fronted cabinets offer a timeless look that is backed up by other high-quality materials like oak, walnut, and acacia.

Mirrored furniture

For a totally on-trend furniture investment, choose mirrored storage units that have reflective surfaces all around. As well as being seriously attractive, this type of furniture can also offer just as much practical storage as a more traditionally designed equivalent.

Drinks cabinets

What better way to display your selection of drinks in glass storage units that give you a permanent window into the world of your collection? Our quality drinks cabinets are available in traditional designs as well as more modern styles that adhere to contemporary fashions.

Most importantly, our glass-fronted storage units come in lots of different sizes. Whether you need a compact piece of furniture that will not overwhelm a smaller room or a larger unit that is big enough to accommodate all the items you need it to, Corcoran’s can help. Factor in our competitive prices and you have plenty of reason to shop with us.

Amazing furniture available for home delivery

You can get storage units and lots of other furniture products shipped to your doorstep by Corcoran’s. We also have stores in Kerry and Limerick where you can see our sofas, dining tables and chairs, garden furniture, TV units, sofa beds, recliners, armchairs, kids’ furniture, sideboards, dressers, flooring, bathroom tiles, and so much more in person.

Contact us for more info

If you want to learn more about what Corcoran’s has to offer, please feel free to use our contact form to email us a question or give us a call on 064 669 1112, where you can speak to a friendly member of our team.