Glass Top Tables

Glass Top Tables

For everyday use as well as for entertaining on special occasions, glass top tables are a great choice.

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For everyday use as well as for entertaining on special occasions, glass top tables are a great choice. Whether you need smaller glass dining tables for kitchens or extendable examples for larger rooms, Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has got you covered, and you can get glass top dining tables delivered to your door across Ireland for even more convenience and choice.

Glass top tables of all types to consider

At Corcoran’s, we have a whole host of glass dining tables, with different sizes and designs so that whatever your decor or personal tastes, there is a table waiting for you.

Our range includes:

Extendable dining tables

To get the best of both worlds in terms of compact practicality and stylishness, extendable glass top tables are an ideal investment. They can be kept in their non-extended form for daily use; then when you have people coming over you can increase the surface area so that everyone is accommodated.

Wood & glass dining tables

A fact about glass top tables is that they are typically made using other materials as well, creating a range of different aesthetic impacts for those looking for traditional or modern designs. Wood tables with glass tops are a perfect example of this, blending the natural finishes of oak with the style and seamlessness of glass.

Another advantage of selecting from our large line-up of glass top tables is that glass is a brilliant material when it comes to maintenance. It can be wiped clean in an instant, so any spills will not leave marks.

For on-trend dining that is built to last, the glass dining tables at Corcoran’s will suit your needs, and we work with the best manufacturers in the business to ensure that we deliver both quality and value to our customers.

Even more furniture for sale

Corcoran’s has furniture of all kinds to explore, including sofa beds, couches, recliners, and armchairs for the living room, as well as bed frames and wardrobes for the bedroom, patio sets for the garden, chairs, tables and stools for the kitchen, kids’ furniture for the playroom, and a wealth of accessories to go in any room.

Contact Corcoran’s today

If you want to learn more about our furniture products, or you need assistance deciding between the items on our site, please feel free to speak with Corcoran’s by calling 064 669 1112 or by sending our team an email using our contact page online.

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