Grey Bar Stools

Grey bar stools are well suited to modern and traditional kitchens alike, letting you sit comfortably at a breakfast bar or counter island. You can also use grey kitchen stools for your very own home pub setup, and there is a wide selection of products in this range to consider at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets. These are all available for delivery across the country.

The style & substance of grey bar stools

As modern life is often hectic, with mealtimes more likely to be spent in the communal hub of the kitchen or eaten at separate times to suit each family member’s schedule, the popularity of grey bar stools has increased. Corcoran’s can supply high quality, competitively priced grey kitchen stools to customers throughout Ireland, and our range includes:

Metal bar stools

Durable and fashionable, grey bar stools made predominantly from metal can look good and work well in a range of settings.

Wood bar stools

For a softer, more natural look, wooden bar stools that have been painted with a grey finish will complement a range of drinking and dining setups.

Upholstered bar stools

For the ultimate in comfort and convenience, upholstered grey bar stools will be an inviting place to spend hours drinking and chatting with friends and family, rather than feeling like somewhere you will only want to stay for a short while.

Adjustable bar stools

Another selling point of some of the grey kitchen stools you can find here on the Corcoran’s website is that they offer built-in height adjustment mechanisms, meaning that they can be altered according to the height of the counter, or the size of the person sitting in them. This kind of all-around flexibility is definitely appealing in a piece of furniture that you need to be versatile.

Many more products available

At Corcoran’s, we stock furniture of every conceivable kind, including sofa beds, recliner chairs, wingback armchairs, drinks trolleys, bed frames and mattresses, kids’ furniture, patio sets, in addition to flooring, bathroom tiles, stoves, and even fireplaces. Whatever you need for your home, you can find it on our website or by visiting our stores in Kerry and Limerick.

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