Grey Wardrobes

Grey Wardrobes

Grey wardrobes of many shades and styles are available for your consideration here at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets.

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Grey wardrobes of many shades and styles are available for your consideration here at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets. You can buy grey wardrobes direct from our website and get them delivered to your door or see them at our stores in Kerry and Limerick. High-quality and competitive pricing are certainties across the range, so you can shop with confidence.

Grey wardrobes of all shapes, sizes & styles

While grey is a neutral hue that helps furniture pieces to fit in with a diverse range of colour palettes without taking over, there is still plenty of variety and choice in our line-up of grey wardrobes. From lighter greys to darker tones and everything in between, we have a whole host of products to compare and contrast.

There are also stylistic differences across this family of grey wardrobes, with traditional and modern designs standing side by side so you can match your choice to the kind of aesthetic you prefer.

Furthermore, there are so many different sizes to consider, from single width wardrobes to those with multiple doors and storage departments. Double wardrobes finished in grey are a good addition to many rooms, or you can pick larger units with added shelving and drawers.

Materials & extra features aplenty

Another decision you face when choosing grey wardrobes is whether you want a particular material, such as solid wood or a veneered board.

Likewise, you can find other features in this range, such as grey wardrobes with mirrors built into them that add even more convenience and make full use of your space. Sliding doors or hinged doors are another point of comparison, so you really will have plenty of choice here at Corcoran’s.

Find out about other furniture products

The Corcoran’s site is the best place to browse all of the different furniture ranges we supply. This includes sofas and media units for the living room, desks and storage units for the home office, tables and chairs for the kitchen, bed frames and headboards for the bedroom, and much more.

Contact Corcoran’s today

We will gladly lend a helping hand when you are looking for the right piece of furniture, so just send our team an email or give them a call on 064 669 1112 to have a conversation about your needs and answer any question you might have.

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