Hallway Mirrors

Hallway mirrors are great for lots of reasons, from giving the impression that a compact space is larger than it is, to provide you with a place to check your appearance just before you dash out the door. Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has high-quality hallway mirrors to browse and buy online for home delivery.

So many hallway mirrors to consider

Hallway mirrors of all conceivable shapes, sizes, and designs are available courtesy of Corcoran’s, and our catalogue of top-notch, competitively-priced products of this kind include:

Wooden hallway mirrors

From vintage-inspired wood framed mirrors made in the modern era, to contemporary designs that still use solid and reliable materials like oak, we can supply options to match your decor and fit in with the age and style of your home. While you may only pass by your hallway mirror for a moment or two each day, this really adds up. Plus, your hall mirror may be the first thing people see when they enter your home, so picking the best option makes sense.

Decorative hallway mirrors

As well as providing hallway mirrors that are subtle in appearance, you can also use Corcoran’s as your source for their more ornate counterparts. Whether you want gold framed mirrors or industrial-look mirrors, there is sure to be something to grab your attention in our line-up.

Then there are the shapes we have available in our hallway mirror range. Our collection encompasses all sorts of geometric configurations, from standard rectangles and squares to circles and even more unusual examples. You can pick a mirror that is the right size for the space, whether you just need a compact unit or you require something much bigger.

Seeking a different type of home furnishing?

Mirrors are just the beginning of the story of what Corcoran’s can supply customers across Ireland. We are also purveyors of bedroom furniture, kid’s furniture, and living room furniture, as well as flooring, stoves, and all sorts of accessories. Whatever project you plan to complete, our products can accommodate your ambitions with ease.

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