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Photograph Display – How Do Multi Picture Frames Work?

Photographs are one of the best ways to bring a personal touch into your home decor. Whether they are family portraits, pictures of your pets, or photos that you took on holiday, your personal images will be totally unique to your home and add that special, homey vibe to your space. 

To display your photos, you have the option of frames that you hang on the wall or freestanding frames to set on a table or mantel. But no matter which style of photo frame you choose, you will have to make some decisions about which images you are going to showcase. 

If you have a lot of pictures you love, this could be difficult, and you may be tempted to fill your home with photo frames in order to display all of your chosen images. However, there is another option: multi picture frames. A frame that can hold multiple photos at once could be the solution to let you show off all of the images you want to share. 

How do multi picture frames work, and what is the best way to style them? Read on for all our favourite tips and tricks for multi photo frames. 

Decide how many photos you want to showcase in a single frame

When you’re thinking about adding multi picture frames to your home decor, the first thing to consider is how many photos you are hoping to showcase all together. Multi photo frames come in a number of configurations, and so the number of photos you want to share in one place will determine which ones to buy. 

When you’re setting up your frame, you want the photos you choose to go together. For example, in a frame that holds two photos, a landscape picture from a holiday and a family photo from that same holiday would make a great match, but you likely wouldn’t opt for one landscape photo and one child’s school photo. 

Therefore, group your photos by theme, and the number of each will help you choose the right multi picture frames. 

Think about where you want to display your multi picture frames

As we mentioned above, photo frames can either be hung on the wall or set on a flat surface like a console table or shelf. For multi photo frames that hold more than two pictures, hanging is usually the best option. If you have a frame that allows you to display four or five photos, for example, mounting it creates an instant gallery wall setup. 

On the other hand, a two or three-photo frame is ideal for setting on a table or on your mantle. Dual-photo frames or frames that hold three images usually feature a folding design so you can set them on a tabletop and they will stand on their own. This makes them a convenient option to adorn anything from a desk to a nightstand to a windowsill. 

Consider the styling of your multi photo frames

The shape of the multi photo frames you choose will also be partially determined by the number of photos you want to display as well as where you want to display them. You can opt for a frame that showcases photos in a straight horizontal line, ideal for situating over a sofa or along a shelf. 

Or, you can select a frame with a more artistic shape that emulates the look of a gallery wall; this is best for wall-mounted frames. There are also multi frames specifically designed for certain areas of the house. A frame that displays photos in a stacked, diagonal configuration is ideal for mounting on the wall along a staircase, or you might choose a vertical frame for a narrow wall space in an entryway or beside a window. 

Likewise, just as with frames that hold a single photo, multi picture frames are available in an array of colours and materials. You might choose a rustic frame style for outdoor photos or pictures of your pets, or go for a sleek, polished frame for wedding photos or other formal portraits. With so many styles to consider, there is a huge spectrum of possibilities for adorning your home with these lovely frames. 

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