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Instagram Home Decor: Style from All Angles

Social media is a great place to find inspiration for everything from the hottest dinner recommendations to the most exciting dance trends to the latest makeup looks. And home decor is no exception — some of our favourite influencers, stylists, and everyday homeowners love to share their fabulous furnishings on Instagram (and we especially love when they show off their Corcoran’s pieces!). 

While obviously you shouldn’t design your home with Instagram in mind (unless that’s your job), there’s nothing wrong with having a few furniture picks that are particularly photo-friendly. After all, the pieces that look fabulous and fun on your feed also tend to look great in your bedroom or living room. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking out and styling Instagram home decor pieces to be both photogenic and full of everyday style. 

Whether you’re a budding interior decorator, a pro who’s looking to drum up business, or just someone who’s excited about a new bed or sofa and wants to show it off, read on for our tips on the most Insta-worthy furniture and how best to showcase your favourite Instagram home decor.

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Bold hues: the best colour palette for your feed

While the minimalist dream of an all-white room definitely appeals to many of us, a pop of colour in your room can catch the attention of in-person visitors and social media scrollers alike. And an overall neutral colour palette for Instagram home decor can let you showcase a few brighter pieces without overwhelming a room either in photos or in person. 

Plus, if you opt for neutral options for your wall, flooring, and larger furniture like sofas and beds, it creates a ‘blank canvas’ that can be easily adjusted with accessories and smaller furnishings. This is particularly ideal if you’re utilising your Instagram home decor for business — for example, if you’re an interior decorator, you can show off new-season style to potential clients; if you run a B&B you can continuously update your space to keep guests coming back again and again.  

We love how @cottage2newbuild has included bright mustard accents in their gorgeous grey space featuring Corcoran’s sofa and armchair.

Reflect style: Instagram mirror and lighting essentials

The ‘mirror selfie’ may be one of social media’s most iconic images, but what if you want to show off your mirror itself with your Instagram home decor? Thinking about your angles can help display your mirror in its best light. Shoot from the side rather than straight on; not only do you keep yourself out of the reflection, but you can also use it as a creative way to show the rest of the room. This is particularly great for smaller spaces, as the combination of the mirror and its reflection will help make the room appear larger. 

Lighting is also important to consider when you’re photographing your furniture for Instagram home decor posts. Utilise natural light as much as possible: colours will be most true to life with natural rather than artificial light, you won’t have to worry as much about even lighting or glare, and it just creates an overall more welcoming and inviting space.

The natural light in this photo by @inside_annies_home shows off her space (and her Corcoran’s couch) so well.

All the texture: dramatic depth for Instagram home decor 

Even though a photo is two-dimensional, you don’t want your home to look flat in an Instagram home decor feed. An inviting furniture photo is one that makes the viewer want to kick back and relax on your sofa, fix themselves a snack in your kitchen, or curl up with a good book on one of your patio chairs. Using texture is the best way to add depth and dimension to your social media photos and make your followers feel like they’re looking through a window into your home. 

Style your space up with accessories that add contrasting materials and finishes to a room. A chunky knitted throw over a smoothly upholstered sofa or a soft velvet dining chair matched with a sleek marble dining table are pairings that not only look great on the ‘gram, but they’re also fabulously stylish in real life. 

If your home has built-in texture like this stunning exposed brick in @chloemarkhamstylist‘s house, utilise it like she does by pairing with our bar cart for a vintage-inspired look.

Personalisation: it’s not just for your finsta! 

If you’re an interior decorator, you want your clients to be able to imagine themselves living in the homes you decorate and show off on your Instagram home decor account. If you’re a business owner, you want your customers to be able to see themselves enjoying your space. And even if you’re just sharing your own home with the world, an aspirational photo will have your followers imagining themselves having their own decor just like yours. 

And so it may be tempting to limit the number of personal touches you add to a room, to give it more of an ‘everyman’ feel, and save your unique style for your finsta (private/secret account) or ‘Close Friends’ stories, but in reality, an ultra-personalised space is also ultra-engaging. 

Don’t be afraid to include family photos or your childrens’ art, and give your home a lived-in look — after all, you do live in it! Plants, seasonal decorations, and other details can also help to personalise your decor and make your space stand out on social media and feel cosy in person.

This lovely image by @homeatlast_2019 pairs a Corcoran’s lamp with a sweet family photo, cute fall pumpkins, and a lush houseplant to create a charming set.

Find Corcoran’s on the ‘gram 

For interior decor professionals and enthusiasts alike, Instagram home decor posts are a fab way to gather inspiration, create a wishlist, and show off your best home setups. While of course you shouldn’t ‘live for the gram,’ there’s no harm in having some fun with photogenic furniture on social media. And with the right pieces and the ideal styling, you can create a cosy and charming home that also looks great from every angle.

By the way, did you know Corcoran’s is on Instagram as well? And we’ve got some pretty great content, if we do say so ourselves. Check out our account for our new arrivals, store updates, styling tips, and more. And share your pictures by tagging us or using the hashtag #mycorcorans; we love to see what you do with your favourite Corcoran’s furniture. 

See how our team styles the beautiful Inishmore console table… could be inspo for your next decor project?

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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