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Jasmine Wooden Nest of Tables

Jasmine Wooden Nest of Tables

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  • Larger table – 52 W x 35 D x 47 H cm
  • A tale of two textures: the Jasmine Wooden Nest of Tables pairs rustic charm with stark, industrial lines for those who are seeking a slice of warehouse chic.
  • Woodwork that talks: the pronounced grain on these tables narrates a story of natural beauty—without the splinters.
  • Lines so clean you could dine off them: these tables offer a contemporary silhouette that’s straighter than a spirit level.
  • The epitome of ‘less is more’: with a design as bare as a minimalist’s dream, these tables prove that simplicity never goes out of style.
  • The Russian dolls of furniture: An eye-catching nest of tables ready to pop out for your cuppa and disappear just as swiftly when it’s time to roam.
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Deceptively Simple, Undeniably Stylish

Introducing the Jasmine Wooden Nest of Tables, where form meets function in a marriage of minimalist design and rustic charm. These tables are so versatile, they're ready to jump into action whether you're hosting a highbrow soirée or just spilling tea with the neighbours.

A Symphony in Wood and Metal

Each table in this nest boasts a top that parades the wood's natural grain, telling the tale of its arboreal ancestry with every line. Below, the industrial-style legs stand firm, exuding the confidence of steel without the cold touch.

Stackable Swagger

These tables stack with such elegance that you'd think they were born in a ballet studio. It’s furniture with flexibility, offering a surface when you need it and space when you don't. The perfect plus-one for living spaces that demand smartness from their furniture—both in looks and IQ.

Minimalism Meets Versatility

With a design stripped back to the essentials, these tables offer a masterclass in modern minimalism. Yet they're as practical as they are stylish, ready to serve a new purpose at a moment's notice. Because who needs frills when you have functionality?

So there you have it—the Jasmine Wooden Nest of Tables. It’s a conversation starter, a space saver, and a style statement all rolled into one neat, wooden package.

Dimensions and Details

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 52 × 35 × 47 cm
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