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Fun for the Family: Kid Friendly Decor That’s Still Full of Style

Some people think that having children means inevitably setting your interior decor dreams aside. And it’s true that you may have to adjust your aesthetic — a room full of glass and sharp corners isn’t ideal for little ones learning to crawl and walk. 

But kid friendly decor can still be chic and stylish while also being a comfortable and safe place for children to grow and play. Today we’re bringing our best tips for kid friendly decor that’s still full of style for the living room, the dining room, and for your kids’ bedrooms. 

Kid friendly decor for the…

Living room

When it comes to your sofa, bigger is better if you need kid friendly decor. You’ll want seating that can serve the whole family at once, and of course kids love to fidget and sprawl. A large corner or modular sofa (like the Bali corner sofa) is an ideal pick for family movie nights and more. Adding throws and pillows to a sofa can also add plenty of style; plus, they have the bonus kid-focused function of protecting the sofa from scratches and spills, and can be easily swapped out if needed. 

Corner Bali

When you have kids, it’s also inevitable that you’ll need extra seating at times for playdates and birthday parties. Pouffes that can be tucked away when not in use or footstools (like the Douglas tufted footstool) that can double as seating are soft and comfortable kid friendly decor options that can still maintain stylish appeal. 

Tufted Footstool

Round coffee tables (like the Clarence coffee table) and end tables are not only chic, contemporary options for surface space, but are also safer than sharp corners when kids are running around. You can even use a large ottoman topped with a tray for your coffee table for an even softer option. 

Solid Wood Oval Coffee Table

If your sitting room doubles as a playroom, an open layout gives kids space to play. Then, choose your storage solutions with kid friendly decor in mind to give them space to put toys away. Bookcases (like the Inishmore bookcase) are a fantastic option — the lower shelves are within reach of little hands, while you can create a more mature aesthetic on the upper shelves. 

And if you want vibrant toys out of sight in an all-white living room (although, we’ll be honest, an all-white living room might not be the most kid friendly decor), you can easily add baskets or boxes to tuck them away when not in use. 

Oak and Metal Bookcase

Dining Room

Once your kids are out of high chairs, it’s time to think about kid friendly decor for the dining area. Again, a neutral colour palette can be useful in some elements here. If you are opting for a kid-height table for your little ones to sit at, choosing white or beige rather than a bright, primary hue lets it blend in with adult-sized furniture more easily. 

For the main dining area, dining benches (like the Gentry dining bench) are a good option for seating. They’re easy to climb onto and can be used to squeeze extra kids around the table if needed. Also, if your current dining table set up features fancy upholstered chairs or other seating options, a mismatched combination gives a stylish eclectic look while not opening up your fancier chairs to the risk of splashes and spills.

Grey Wood Dining Bench

As far as the table itself, as well as for any furniture that the little ones will have a lot of contact with, natural materials and distressed finishes (like the Dunloe dining table) will still look great even with a little extra ‘love’ and a few scratches or blemishes. 

Dunloe Dining Table available at Corcoran's Furniture & Carpets

In the kitchen, a few bar stools (like the Hadley bar stool) up against a counter or kitchen island can create an appealing retro or vintage-inspired look. They also give kids a comfy place to sit where they’re easy to keep an eye on while you’re preparing dinner. 

High Back Bar Stool

Kids’ Bedrooms

For kids’ bedrooms, we often think that maximalism is the only option for a fun, kid friendly decor look. However, going a simpler route can keep things stylish and also makes it easier to keep rooms tidy, and a simple room can still be fun. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should totally monopolise every detail of your kid’s bedroom — they need room to be kids, too!

But when you’re decorating your child’s nursery or bedroom, choosing classic colour palettes and furniture pieces (like the Freddy bed frame) can help the room stay relevant to your children’s interests as they grow. 

Light Grey Wood Bed Frame

Opting for timeless furniture pieces or items that can be used for different purposes through the years, like a bed with an integrated desk (like the Noel white midsleeper) ideal for colouring books but also homework, can reduce the need to constantly reevaluate a room to match your children’s ages and interests. 

White Midsleeper with Desk

Similarly, choosing neutral colour palettes can make it simple for kids to personalise their space once they get old enough. While we don’t mean you should eschew colour altogether, using neutral hues for the foundation of the room — the floor, the walls, and the main furniture pieces such as the bed — and then layering up with colourful wall art, bedding, and smaller furniture pieces like bean bag chairs (like the Snug bean chair) makes it easy to swap out shades as quick as your kids change their minds about their favourite colours. 

snug bean chair red min 1

At Corcoran’s, we have a whole host of furniture specifically designed with kids in mind, and plenty more that is fabulous for a family-filled home with kid friendly decor. When you’re looking for furniture, flooring, and accessories that are perfect for children but still chic and stylish. Get in touch for even more tips and advice on cosy, safe, and fun home decor for your kids. 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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