Kids bedroom ideas

Kids bedroom ideas: updating your little one’s space with their help

Anyone who has children knows that kids have big ideas and strong opinions. While the décor of their very first nursery will be entirely up to you before they’re born, it’s inevitable that they’ll want to be involved when it’s time for a change.

Luckily, there are plenty of kids bedroom ideas and children’s bedroom décor refreshers that let the littles have a hand in creating a comfy, playful space that suits their style. We’ve gathered some of our favourite ways for you to help your child’s personality shine in their bedroom, while still maintaining a stylish and functional space as part of your home.

Read on for our top tips for updating your child’s bedroom — with their help! 

Let them add accessories that reflect their latest interests 

Everyone knows that kids change their minds and their interests quickly. One day it’s astronauts; the next, it’s firefighters. Just as quickly, their new favourite thing is butterflies or basketball. 

Therefore, when you’re looking for great kids bedroom ideas to update their space, you may be hesitant to let them decorate their entire room to suit their latest interest, for fear that they will quickly tire of it and want something else. Instead, incorporate accessories that can be easily swapped out, such as bedding or wall art. Then you can change up the look of their room as quickly as their interests change. 

For something a bit more permanent but still easy to update, consider a wallpaper border or an accent wall. While a fully-wallpapered or painted room requires a lot of work to refresh, re-papering a border or painting a single wall takes only a fraction of the effort and time. So if your little one loves purple today but might be obsessed with green next month, it’s a great way to let them incorporate their favourite colour of the moment with ease. 

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Add kid-friendly storage for a clean, uncluttered look

Teaching kids to tidy up after themselves is an important aspect of helping them create a comfy independent space that’s still a stylish addition to your home. You want to give kids space to be themselves, with hobby materials and toys that let them explore their interests, but when you add all of their fun belongings, all the essentials like clothes and schoolwork, and everything else that kids can accumulate, it’s easy to end up with a cluttered room. 

That’s why good storage is important, and especially storage that kids will remember to utilise. If your child has a collection of action figures or figurines, then open display units or shelves will let them show off their favourite pieces. A bed with a built-in desk is another great option for convenient storage and organisation if your child studies in their room. 

We also recommend mobile storage like baskets or boxes that will encourage your kids to clean up after themselves. Pick a basket that kids can carry with them while they play and then fits easily on a shelf or in a cupboard when they’re finished, and keep a tidy room that kids will enjoy spending play or study time in as well. 

Tackle the redesign project together for educational quality time

When you’re designing a nursery or toddler’s first bedroom, they probably won’t have too much input into the space, but when they get a little older and you’re planning on a bedroom setup that will grow with them, your kids are sure to have big ideas. 

There are lots of ways to let your child get involved when you’re revamping their bedrooms, and one of the best ways to implement fun kids bedroom ideas is to take a hands-on approach. You can get your littles involved in everything from planning to shopping to decorating, and turn refreshing their room into a fun activity as well as a learning opportunity. 

Let them help with projects like painting the walls or measuring for carpets. Sure, it’ll take a little longer (and you’ll definitely want to take your own measurements as well to be sure they’re correct), but your kids will be excited to get involved and help shape their own space. If they’re a little older, you can also teach them about things like budgets and design styles, and you’ll have your own budding interior designer on your hands in no time! 

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Make the best kids bedroom ideas a reality at Corcoran’s

We have children’s bedroom furniture at Corcoran’s that is great for kids from toddlers to teens. No matter their personal style or the look you want to evoke in their room, you’ll find furniture to suit and pieces that will grow with them throughout childhood and young adulthood. 

Shop online or in-store, or get in touch now and let our sales team help you select the best bunk beds, desks, bookshelves, and more and help your little ones add plenty of practical appeal and playful style to their space. 

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Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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