King Size Bed Frames

King sized beds are a great addition to larger bedrooms and provide the ultimate in spacious bedding.

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King sized beds are a great addition to larger bedrooms and provide the ultimate in spacious bedding. At Corcoran’s, we have a sizable collection of king size bed frames, that are beautifully made and are available in wood, metal, and fabric designs. Buy online today or visit in-person at our Kerry or Limerick stores and arrange home delivery throughout Ireland.

How large are king size bed frames?

A king size bed is 150cm (5 feet) wide by 200cm (6 feet 6 inches) in length. In general, king size beds are ideal for couples and tall individuals. They are also great for giving a sense of luxury and space, offering plenty of room to really spread out and relax! Additionally, for families where young children are prone to get into the bed, a king size gives extra valuable space.

Types of king size beds

As with all beds, there are numerous types available for king size sleeping.

Wooden king size beds

The most popular are wooden beds; choose from either natural grain or painted to match your décor – with woods such as oak, walnut, pine, and acacia being favourite options.

Metal king size beds

Metal is another popular choice and is especially strong and hard-wearing. Create a centerpiece for your bedroom with a metal king size bed frame paired with a suitable headboard.

Fabric upholstered king size beds

With chenille, cotton, linen, velvet, and other fabrics available, there is a wealth of upholstered king size bed frames to choose from. These greatly help with complementing aesthetics and existing décor, while also adding a sense of luxury to a bedroom.

Leather and faux leather king size beds

Leather and faux leather are another variety of king size bed frame. Renowned for comfort, with a unique feel and an air of elegance, there is something unique about leather.

Our wider furniture ranges

Trust Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets to provide customers with a vast amount of furniture choice for the bedroom, dining room, and living room. We even supply outdoor furniture, and an extensive selection of interior design furnishings and accessories such as clocks, mirrors, and photo frames.

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We are here if you need to speak to us; simply call 064 669 1112 today. Our furniture experts are available for advice related to king size beds, general bedding questions, and wider furniture enquiries. If you prefer, send us your questions via our contact us – email form, for a speedy reply.

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