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Kolin Beige Oak 12mm Laminate Flooring


Kolin Beige Oak 12mm Laminate Flooring


  • Kolin Beige 12mm Laminate 2.29 y2 pack
  • 12 mm laminate makes it a robust and durable laminate choice, resistant to wear and tear
  • 4 way V groove bevel greatly enhances the appearance ensuring an authentic look and feel of a natural wood
  • AC4 abrasion class rating makes it suitable for heavy domestic/light commercial use
  • Ideal for all rooms except wet-rooms
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • More laminate options available on our Laminate Flooring Page

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Kolin Beige 12mm Laminate: Stepping Up Your Flooring Game in Style

Get ready to put your best foot forward with the Kolin Beige 12mm Laminate Flooring. This isn't just flooring—it's a foundation of affordable style and durability for your space.

The brawn behind the beauty

With a 12mm thickness, Kolin Beige 12mm Laminate Flooring brings more than just looks to the table. This robust and durable laminate can bear the brunt of wear and tear, ensuring that your floor keeps looking fab.

V for very appealing

With a 4 way V groove bevel, the Kolin Beige 12 mm Laminate Flooring not only walks the talk but also talks the walk. It ensures an authentic look and feel of natural wood, offering your space an instant upgrade.

Domestic diva, commercial connoisseur

With an AC4 abrasion class rating, Kolin is a champ at handling heavy domestic and light commercial use. Be it your living room or a light-duty office space, Kolin's got your floor covered.

From wet to wow

While Kolin isn't a fan of wet rooms, it's ready to bring its A-game to every other room in your space.

Heat things up

Got underfloor heating? No sweat. Kolin can handle the heat, making it a hot choice for your flooring needs.

Easy peasy

Maintenance and cleaning can be a floor sore. But with Kolin, it's easy peasy. Spend less time worrying about your floor and more time enjoying it.

The Kolin Beige 12mm Laminate Flooring is a catwalk for your furniture, a stage for your style, and a platform for your comfort. Take a step towards style with Kolin.

Dimensions and Details

Dimensions 121.5 × 19.6 × 1.2 cm
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