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L Shaped Sofas – A Solution Which Will Match the Shape of Your Room

L shaped sofas are all about maximising your use of space, so whether you want to fit your furniture around the room itself, or your goal is to seat as many people as possible, this could be the answer. You can browse L shaped sofas made with different materials and in different designs here at Corcoran’s to get a good deal and your ideal piece.

L shaped sofas explained

With the help of high quality L shaped sofas sold online by Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets, you can transform your living room and make the most of the available area it offers.

This is especially appealing if you have been persevering with a standard sofa for some time but find that it does not meet your needs as a household, or if you want to add extra seating to a room that already hosts a standard-shaped sofa.

Even within the L shaped sofa category, there is variety in terms of size and style. For example, as well as offering fixed shape designs, there are also models which are partly or wholly modular. This lets you rearrange segments and reposition them to your liking, allowing any room shape to be easily accommodated.

Material options & more

The flexible functionality of L shaped sofas is just half the story, as they are also eminently stylish and come in a myriad of materials, including fabrics and leather for the upholstery and wood or metal for the feet.

Factor in the other choices to consider, such as the inclusion of throw cushions and even integrated recliner capabilities in some examples, and you will begin to understand that when we say there is an L shaped sofa for everyone, we really mean it.

You can see the variety for yourself on our website, or head to our stores in Kerry and Limerick where corner sofas are viewable in person.

Furniture galore

Finding furniture that fits your home to perfection does not need to be difficult thanks to Corcoran’s. Our product range includes sofas, dining tables, beds, garden patio sets, flooring, and interior design accessories of many kinds.

With competitive prices and a fully curated, regularly updated collection, you need to look no further than our furniture for all sorts of spaces.

Find out more

Got a question about our L shaped sofas, or want advice about which one to choose? Call 064 669 1112 or email Corcoran’s by filling out our contact form, and our team will do their best to help you out with friendly guidance and further product information.

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