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Lancelot 2 Door Sideboard


Lancelot 2 Door Sideboard

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  • 95 W x 50 D x 82 H cm
  • The Lancelot 2 Door Sideboard is where country kitchen meets minimalist chic. It’s quite simply simplicity elevated
  • Sometimes referred to as Indonesian oak, Sungkai is not your average oak, bringing its Pacific charm to your dining space.
  • Don’t let the colour fool you. It’s beige, sure, but it owns it like a style statement.
  • This eye-catching 2 Door Sideboard guards your items like a loyal knight of yore.
  • A piece that appreciates the rustic while sitting comfortably in your contemporary setup, the Lancelot 2 Door Sideboard is very much country at heart.
  • Part of the fabulous Lancelot furniture range

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The Lancelot 2 Door Sideboard: Minimalist Chic Meets Rustic Charm

Crafted from the esteemed Sungkai wood, often referred to as Indonesian oak, the Lancelot 2 Door Sideboard brings a slice of Pacific charm right to your dining space. Sungkai offers unique durability and a pleasing aesthetic that bridges the gap between exotic allure and everyday resilience.

Beige But Bold

Don’t be swayed by its understated beige hue; the Lancelot owns its colour like a true style statement. It’s a declaration of chic, transforming what could be mundane into a centrepiece of fashion-forward functionality.

A Knight for Your Necessities

The Lancelot does more than merely house your essentials—it safeguards them with a robust, rustic dedication, melding the timeless vigilance of a storied knight with the sleek aesthetics of modern design.

The Lancelot 2 Door Sideboard is a testament to the harmony of country heart and minimalist chic, making it an indispensable ally in any style-savvy home.

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Dimensions 95 × 50 × 82 cm
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