Large Corner Sofas

With large corner sofas, you can accommodate family and friends alike for movie nights, coffee mornings, parties, and get-togethers of all kinds. Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has gorgeous, generously proportioned corner sofas which you can browse on our site or see at our stores in Kerry and Limerick, with convenient home delivery available and competitive pricing.

Luscious large corner sofas – bigger is better!

There is much to like about larger sized corner sofas, and for most people, it is the size that is the key selling point.

The corner configuration means that they can fit into the edge of a room, while still offering as much space as possible for seating everyone comfortably. They can also be positioned in the centre of a larger space, acting as the focal point that naturally draws the eye and invites individuals to come together to relax.

If you are always hosting meet-ups for your loved ones, or if you have a busy household where kids and parents need to have plenty of room to enjoy time in the lounge together, large corner sofas will be perfect.

Designs & configurations galore

Large corner sofas that can seat three, four, or even more people are not just functional but also stylish. At Corcoran’s you can find examples that are designed to look good and tick all the boxes in terms of style, whether you love classic corner sofas or are bowled over by modern counterparts.

The same variety is available in terms of colours and materials used, so bold and bright corner sofas are offered alongside more neutral tones, with fabric as well as leather upholstery to choose from.

Whether you want a left hand, right hand, or modular large corner sofa, you will find them at Corcoran’s and will have plenty of exciting decisions to make!

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High-quality pieces sold at low prices is what we offer, as well as outstanding variety and versatility.

Get in touch for help with corner sofa conundrums

If you are not sure if large sized corner sofas are right for you, or you want more product info, dial 064 669 1112 or contact Corcoran’s online to get a friendly, swift reply to any question you have from our team.