Living Room Mirrors

With living room mirrors you can make the most-used part of your house both more beautiful and more practical.

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With living room mirrors you can make the most-used part of your house both more beautiful and more practical. At Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets, the selection of living room mirrors is second to none, and factors in a whole range of different styles and sizes so that no customer needs to make any compromises whether they buy online or in-store.

Which of our living room mirrors will you choose?

Your choice of living room mirrors is undeniably extensive when you shop with Corcoran’s, featuring options such as:

Ornate mirrors

If you want living room mirrors that are really going to turn heads and get guests talking, then items at the more ornate end of the design spectrum should be in your sights. We offer lots of decorative living room mirrors, with silver and gold frames proving especially popular in this respect, along with a host of other finishes and styles.

Large mirrors

If you have a big expanse of empty wall space, whether above a mantelpiece or anywhere else in your living room, then a large mirror can be the perfect choice to fill it. Our biggest mirrors come in all sorts of shapes, whether you are looking for a rectangular unit with a simple black frame or a round mirror with a more eye-catching colour palette.

Modern & retro mirrors

Another aspect to note about our mirrors for the living room is that they can cater to customers who want an up to date, contemporary design, as well as to those who are more interested in accessories that have that vintage aesthetic. There really are no restrictions when you shop for mirrors for your living room with Corcoran’s.

More than just mirrors to browse & buy

From garden furniture sets to clocks and vases, from armchairs and recliners to dining tables, chairs, and a whole host of storage solutions, you need to look no further than the Corcoran’s site if you are in the market for high-quality, affordably-priced furniture of every conceivable kind. See our stores in Kerry and Limerick for a closer look.

Ask our experts for help and advice

We will gladly give you answers to furniture questions and guide you towards the right products when you get in touch, so please use our contact form or dial 064 669 1112 and chat to our team today if you have a query.

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