Loft Beds

If you are looking for a practical, stylish, and space-saving solution, loft beds for adults and children are an ideal piece of bedroom furniture to consider. Giving both extra sleep capacity as well as storage—such as with, for example, a desk underneath— it’s worth exploring this option where bedroom space is at a premium. Shop and browse through our variety of loft beds (also sometimes called high sleeper beds) online now.

What are loft beds?

According to the Collins Dictionary, loft beds are:

a bed raised, as on supports, high enough overhead to allow the use of the floor area below for various purposes, as for part of a living room.

How are loft beds different to bunk beds?

Loft beds are similar to bunk beds, in the sense that both maximise the use of vertical space. With bunk beds though, space is used to have a second sleeping space underneath, whereas with loft beds space is used for multiple purposes, such as:

A lot more than just loft beds

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Quality advice and support from Corcoran’s

Buying loft beds can be complicated, deciding between loft beds for adults or whether to buy a bunk bed with a desk underneath. Here at Corcoran’s, we are glad to help. Call us on 064 669 1112 for telephone support, or email us via our contact form instead.