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Lolly Panel White Painted Wood Bed Frame


Lolly Panel White Painted Wood Bed Frame


  • Panelled wood headboard
  • Securely-bolted wood frame
  • Slatted base
  • Rails support mattress positioning
  • Crisp white painted finish
  • Assembly services are available on request. Fees apply
  • Please tick the assembly box when checking out or get in touch to add it to your purchase. More information is covered in the Delivery and Returns section
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Lolly Panel White Painted Wood Bed Frame: Because Sweet Dreams are Made of These

Who are we to disagree with a bed frame as deliciously charming as the Lolly Panel White Painted Wood Bed Frame? With its crisp, clean lines and country-chic aesthetic, this bed frame turns your sleep-time into a fairy-tale.

A white knight of slumbers

Constructed from robust wood and finished in a refreshing white paint, the Lolly Bed Frame isn't just another pretty face in the bedroom. It's a knight in shining armour, steadfastly supporting your mattress with its solid rails and slatted base.

Panels that pack a punch

The panelled wood headboard isn't just there for looks—it's a statement piece that whispers tales of timeless elegance. It's the kind of understated charm that transforms your bedroom from just another room into your private retreat.

Home is where the bed is

Whether you're a fan of the classic, the modern, or something in between, the Lolly bed frame has got you covered. Its white painted finish makes it a chameleon that adapts to any decor style—be it shabby chic, coastal or even minimalist modern.

Choose your sweet spot

Sleep is personal, and so should be your bed. That's why the Lolly Bed Frame comes in standard double (4'6) and king (5') sizes. No matter how much space you have or the mattress size you prefer, Lolly is here to make sure your sleep is as sweet as it can be.

With the Lolly Panel White Painted Wood Bed Frame, every night is a dreamy affair. You'll wake up feeling rested, refreshed, and ready to take on the day. It's not just a bed frame—it's your ticket to a night of delightful dreams. Sweet slumbers, indeed!

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