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Lunar Round LED Mirror


Lunar Round LED Mirror

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  • Dimensions: 60 W x 4.5 D x 60 H cm
  • The Lunar Round LED Mirror is like the moon landing of bathroom design: minimalist, circular, and out-of-this-world sophisticated.
  • With LED lights that transition from warm white to cool white, you can set the perfect lighting mood faster than you can ask to dim the lights.
  • The integral demister pad keeps your mirror as clear as your conscience, even when your bathroom resembles a tropical rainforest.
  • The touch sensor functionality is so intuitive, it makes you feel like a wizard casting a spell—just hold to switch between warm and cool white lighting.
  • This ambient round LED mirror not only enhances functionality but also adds a soft, stylish glow, turning your bathroom into a celestial haven.

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The Lunar Round LED Mirror: A Celestial Marvel for Your Bathroom

Meet the Lunar Round LED  Mirror—a contemporary marvel that brings sophisticated elegance to your bathroom. With its minimalist circular design, this mirror is the astronaut of home decor, ready to be the striking focal point in your space.

Customisable LED Lighting for Your Bathroom

Featuring LED lights that transition seamlessly from warm white to cool white, the Lunar round LED mirror lets you set the perfect lighting mood with the ease of flipping a light switch. Whether you’re prepping for a night out or winding down after a long day, this LED backlit mirror adapts to your every whim.

Clear, Condensation-Free Surface

Equipped with an integral demister pad, the Lunar Round Led Mirror ensures your reflection remains as clear as a starry night, even in the steamiest conditions. Say goodbye to wiping down foggy mirrors with your hand—it’s time to step into the future.

Intuitive Touch Sensor

The touch sensor functionality is so user-friendly, it's almost like magic. Simply hold the sensor to switch between warm and cool white lighting, and feel like a modern-day Merlin in your own bathroom.

Soft, Stylish Glow

Not just a practical piece, this sleek bathroom mirror with LED lights adds a soft, stylish glow to your decor. It’s the backlit bathroom mirror that turns your morning routine into a journey through the cosmos.

Dimensions and Details

Weight 7.3 kg
Dimensions 60 × 4.5 × 60 cm
Item type

Mirror shape


LED Lighting


Demister Pad


Shaver Socket




Mount Type


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