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Madeline 3 Seater Tuxedo Sofa


Madeline 3 Seater Tuxedo Sofa

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  • 190 W x 83.5 D x 88 H cm
  • Trio of Comfort: The Madeline 3 Seater Tuxedo Sofa spaciously seats three, perfect for family gatherings or charming your guests in style.
  • Fabric Fit for Royalty: Clad in rich, elegant fabric, this sofa adds a splash of sophistication to any living space.
  • Tuxedo Temptation: Adorned with vertical line stitching and available in three delightful hues, it’s a timeless treasure in tuxedo sofa style.
  • Legs of Longevity: Stands proudly on sturdy wooden legs, promising unwavering support and durability for years of lounging luxury.
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Number of variations: 3
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Madeline 3 Seater Tuxedo Sofa: The Epitome of Elegant Lounging

Step into the realm of sophisticated comfort with the Madeline 3 Seater Tuxedo Sofa. This isn't just a sofa; it's a statement of style, a haven of comfort, and a centrepiece of elegance in any living space.

A trio of comfort and style

The Madeline 3 Seater Tuxedo Sofa, with its spacious seating, is the perfect amalgamation of luxury and practicality. It's an invitation to relax in style, whether you're enjoying a quiet evening with family or hosting a gathering of friends.

Royalty-ready fabric

Draped in rich, sumptuous fabric, the Madeline 3 Seater Tuxedo Sofa brings a touch of regal elegance to your living room. The fabric is a canvas of sophistication, adding depth and character to your space. Each fibre is a thread in the tapestry of your home's story, woven with care and elegance.

Timeless Tuxedo Charm

The sofa's tuxedo design, characterised by its elegant vertical line stitching, is a nod to timeless style. Available in three delectable colours, it offers versatility and charm, making it a perfect match for a variety of interior themes.

Foundation of elegance and endurance

Beneath its luxurious exterior, the Madeline 3 Seater Tuxedo Sofa is supported by robust wooden legs. These pillars of strength ensure lasting stability and support, embodying the enduring beauty and resilience of fine craftsmanship.

The Madeline Tuxedo Sofa: where style Meets comfort

In the Madeline 3 Seater Tuxedo Sofa, every detail is a brushstroke in the art of elegant living. It's a place where style meets comfort, where elegance intertwines with relaxation. Welcome to a world where lounging is an experience,.

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Dimensions 190 × 83.5 × 88 cm
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