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Marcella White 5 Drawer Tallboy

Marcella White 5 Drawer Tallboy

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  • 53 W x 37 D x 110 H cm
  • The Marcella White 5 Drawer Tallboy, a vertical celebration of space, elegance, and efficiency.
  • Crowned with oak in white wash oil, it takes sophistication to new heights, quite literally.
  • A choice of knobs: pewter for a touch of evening glam or oak for daytime elegance. It’s wardrobe-ready for your choice.
  • Beyond mere storage, with soft curves and tapered legs, the Marcella White 5 Drawer Tallboy makes a poised statement in any room.
  • A testament to smart design, providing ample storage without commandeering your floor space.
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The Marcella White 5 Drawer Tallboy: A Vertical Virtue in Elegance

Introducing the Marcella 5 Drawer Tallboy, where the celebration of vertical space meets unparalleled elegance and efficiency. This captivating piece offers a masterclass in making the most out of every square inch, all while elevating the aesthetic of any room it graces.

Soaring Sophistication

Atop this slender beacon of storage sits an oak surface, treated with a white wash oil finish, that elevates the concept of white to new heights of sophistication. It's a towering testament to refined taste, designed to blend seamlessly with your decor while standing out as a piece of crafted elegance.

Pick Your Look

With options for pewter or oak knobs, the Marcella Tallboy lets you define its look right from the start

Statement in Poise

With its soft curves and tapered legs, the Marcella White 5 Drawer Tallboy transcends mere functionality. It's a statement in poise, a sculptural piece that brings grace and elegance to the practical necessity of storage. This tall and narrow tallboy proves that storage solutions can indeed be as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical.

Functionality Without Footprint

The true genius of the Marcella White 5 Drawer Tallboy lies in its ability to offer varied storage options without sprawling across your floor space. It's a testament to smart, space-efficient design, ensuring that you can keep your essentials organised and accessible without sacrificing the openness of your living area.

The Marcella White 5 Drawer Tallboy is about adding a vertical slice of sophistication to your home. It's a piece that combines elegance, efficiency, and adaptability, proving that high-end design and practicality can go hand in hand. With the Marcella, elevate your storage solutions to a level where functionality and style reside in perfect harmony.

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Dimensions 53 × 37 × 110 cm
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