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Marcella White Nest of Tables

Marcella White Nest of Tables

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  • 69 W x 42 D x 50 H cm
  • The Marcella Nest of Tables, a duo where functionality dances with elegance.
  • Crowned in oak with a white wash finish, elegance is their second skin.
  • Crafted with curves and tapered legs that speak softly of grace.
  • A versatile pair, seamlessly fitting together or standing apart with ease.
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The Marcella White Nest of Tables: Elegance in Layers

Welcome to the world of the Marcella White Nest of Tables, where the charm of space-saving design meets the sophistication of modern elegance in a perfect pas de deux. These appealing nesting tables are a harmonious blend of form and function, crafted to add depth and versatility to your living space without sacrificing an ounce of style.

Crowned in Oak, Cloaked in Elegance

Each table in the Marcella White Nest of Tables set is topped with oak and finished in a serene white wash oil, making elegance seem effortless. Like the perfect accessory that completes an outfit, the Marcella nest of tables elevates any room with their understated grace, proving that true style lies in the details.

Whispers of Grace and Poise

Designed with soft curves and tapered legs, the Marcella White Nest of Tables whispers tales of grace and poise. They stand as sculptural elements that bring a soft, balletic grace to your living space. Their presence is felt, enriching the room's ambiance with a gentle but undeniable elegance.

A Pair That Plays Well Together

The Marcella White Nest of Tables are a testament to versatility, offering a multitude of surfaces that tuck away just as easily as they spread out. They're a dynamic duo that adapts to your needs—be it a grand display for guest nights or a compact arrangement for quieter evenings. T

The Marcella Nest of Tables is a statement setter. A statement that says you don't have to choose between saving space and elevating it. With the Marcella, you can have both, wrapped up in an elegant package that seamlessly blends into your living area, ready to unfold its charm and utility at a moment's notice.

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Dimensions 69 × 42 × 50 cm
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