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Marcella White Slatted Bed


Marcella White Slatted Bed


  • Slumber in Coconut Shimmer: The Marcella White Slatted Bed drapes your nightly escapades in dreamy coconut white. A hue so serene, it whispers goodnight in a tone only dreams understand.
  • Oak’s Soft Serenade: Adorned with a whitewash oil finish, the oak’s top is not only enduring; it practically hums a lullaby of everlasting elegance.
  • A Size for Every Slumber Tale: From the cosy confines of a 4ft6 nook to the sprawling luxury of a 5ft domain, Marcella offers a berth for every bedtime story.
  • Elegance and Equilibrium: With curves gentle on the eyes and supports steady as the night, the Marcella White Slatted Bed is the silent sentry to your realm of dreams.
  • The Bedroom’s Muse: Marcella is a canvas awaiting your sleep’s masterpiece, transforming the mundane into realms of nocturnal bliss.
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Embrace the Marcella White Slatted Bed: A Symphony in Coconut White

Drift into a world where sleep is a craft and your bed is the artisan. The Marcella White Slatted Bed, with its elegant silhouette and whispers of coconut white, is a sanctuary where every night becomes a journey into tranquillity.

The Art of Oak

Nestled atop this masterpiece is the oak, bathed in a white wash oil finish that echoes the timeless grace of ancient forests, offering a ballad of strength and serenity that resonates through the ages.

Tailored for Dreamers

Whatever your sleep preference, the Marcella White Slatted Bed caters to your nocturnal whims. Choose from a cosy 4ft6 retreat or expand your horizons with a 5ft royal repose. Marcella understands that the size of your dreams should dictate the size of your bed, not the other way around.

A Guardian in the Night

With its soft curves and tapered supports, the Marcella White Slatted Bed stands as a beacon of balance and beauty. These are not just structural elements; they are the guardians of your rest, ensuring stability and peace as you drift into the land of nod.

Versatility in Slumber

The Marcella White Slatted Bed is a chameleon of comfort, adapting to every bedroom's narrative with unmatched versatility. Whether your decor whispers minimalism or sings the praises of eclectic vibrancy, Marcella blends seamlessly, becoming the perfect backdrop to your slumber stories.


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