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Maximalist decor for when more is more

Minimalist styling has been a staple of contemporary home decor for years, from Scandinavian-inspired style to the simple and classic look of clean lines. Minimalist style is all about the ethos that ‘less is more’ — curated rooms that rely on neutral colour palettes and sparse, carefully chosen furniture and accessories. 

But if your decorating aesthetic is all about the big and bold, or if you’re curious about adding colour and pattern to your home, you may be intrigued by maximalist decor. If you’re not familiar with this aesthetic, you may worry that a maximalist space will be cluttered and unfocused, but maximalist decor is just as thoughtfully designed as its minimalist counterpart! 

Maximalist decor is a fun and stylish way to incorporate an array of your favourite colours, patterns, accessories, and more into your space. This eclectic decor style takes the mindset that ‘more is more’. However, this doesn’t mean just throwing pieces into a room willy-nilly. Read on for our guide to maximalist decor that is thoughtfully curated, smartly designed, and fabulously styled.

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Start with all-over colour

The best way to begin a maximalist decor aesthetic is to choose bold colours for key elements of your space. Bright walls, vivid textiles, and vibrant furniture are pretty much imperative in maximalist decor. While it is technically possible to create a maximalist look with a neutral palette, there’s no better way to inject character and personality into a room than to add some of your favourite colours. Colour specialists for 2022 suggest that bold blues, vibrant pinks, and shades of green are the way to go in your maximalist space. 

If you want to go all out with your maximalist decor, an eclectic mix of prints and patterns — like floral curtains with geometric tiles, or paisley upholstery with striped wallpaper — can really make a room stand out. But even if you just want to dip your toe into this bold style, you can use solid colour accents in unexpected places to bring pops of colour to your space. Try painting your skirting or window sills, or the doors of cabinets and cupboards. 

Choose what sparks joy

Marie Kondo’s KonMari method is the pinnacle of minimalist decorating, but you may be surprised to know that you can incorporate some of her ideas into a maximalist decor aesthetic. Her main criteria in deciding what to keep in your home is to decide whether a piece ‘sparks joy’, and you can use this same ethos in your maximalist space.

Use your hobbies and collections, and other items you love, to inspire the overall look of your decor. Maximalism isn’t simply about filing a room with as many pieces as possible, but showcasing the things you love without worrying that everything is an exact match. Even if some pieces don’t complement each other perfectly, anyone who enters the room will be able to see that it was designed with love and care, creating a space that is uniquely You.

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Focus on a few statement pieces

Even in a busy maximalist room, you need focal points. Whether it’s a standout desk or dining table, a collection of coordinating items such as vases or plants, or a piece that offers a sense of grandeur like an oversized bed or sofa, choose something that will catch the eye and create a centrepiece for the room. 

A glamorous light fixture is another great way to incorporate maximalist styling into your home. Whether you opt for an ornate chandelier or an opulent pendant light, lighting not only helps to highlight the rest of your space but also adds its own touch of larger-than-life style to a room. 

If you’re bringing a maximalist decor aesthetic to a room that can’t handle much furniture due to the space available — such as an entryway that is too small to fill with furniture — a large, bold piece such like statement-making console table or coat rack can help get that maximalist feel with a minimalist footprint. 

Layer, layer, layer

Maximalist decor is a chance to utilise accessories galore in any room. If you love to be comfy and live for plush cushions and snug throws, then maximalism is your chance to create the cosy nest of your dreams. Don’t be afraid to top your sofa or bed with layers upon layers of blankets and pillows in an array of colours, textures, and patterns. 

Likewise, add area rugs over carpets, or smaller rugs over larger pieces to create a layered look on your floor. Or, if you have hardwood or tile floors, top them off with rugs to bring warmth and maximalist style to your space. 

Your walls are another place that you can enhance a maximalist aesthetic with layers. Hang wall art or tapestries over patterned wallpaper, stack leaning mirrors or frames against each other, or even add a variety of window treatments to create an eclectic layered look. 

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Look at the ‘fifth walls’

Your floor and particularly your ceiling are often forgotten when it comes to decorating. But bold flooring or a standout ceiling can add extra artistic flair to your maximalist space and really tie the room together. If you’re choosing wallpaper or a bright paint colour for your walls, paint the ceiling the same colour to create a ‘jewel box’ look. This is particularly ideal for smaller rooms where you’ll want a more unified look across the space. 

Similarly, the floor is a great place to add colour and pattern to enhance a maximalist decor aesthetic. Layer rugs as mentioned above, or choose a mishmash of tiles and flooring types to create a bold patchwork of patterns across the space. If you have hardwood floors, you can even paint them a bold hue to get an extra vibrant look. 


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Don’t be afraid of small spaces

You may feel like maximalist decor should be reserved for large rooms so as not to feel crowded or overwhelming. While it’s certainly true that spacious homes lend themselves well to the grandeur and business of maximalism, a more compact space can be just as on-trend in this style. 

A small room like a bathroom or spare bedroom is a perfect candidate for your boldest wallpaper or window treatments. Choose a room that might otherwise be blah and boring, and give it a dose of bold style with a maximalist design. 

Maximalism is also perfect for creating cosiness in small spaces. If your bedroom or sitting room is compact, filling it with soft textures and welcoming colours can offer a cocoon-like feel that you’ll love to nestle in and relax. 

Maximalist decor essentials at Corcoran’s

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into maximalist decor, or your home is already a medley of colours and patterns, you’ll find floor to ceiling inspiration and style at Corcoran’s. We have furniture, flooring, wallpaper, paint, accessories, and more, all perfect for a ‘more is more’ space.

Need some tips on incorporating this bold aesthetic into your home in a thoughtful and artistic way? Talk to our team! Our interior design experts can help you turn your vivid dreams into a vibrant reality. Fill your space with colour and pattern, and find the best maximalist pieces at our Kerry and Limerick stores or on our website today. 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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