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Megara Cashmere Oak 2 Door Wardrobe

Megara Cashmere Oak 2 Door Wardrobe

RRP: 839.00

  • 97 W x 58 D x 190 H cm
  • Minimalist Majesty: The Megara Cashmere Oak 2 Door Wardrobe subtly seduces with its sleek lines and understated handles. A true testament to the “less is more” mantra of the Megara line.
  • Oak, Solid as a Rock: Carved from the sturdiest American white oak, because what else would you entrust your wardrobe to? Known for its stubborn durability and a grain that refuses to be ignored.
  • A Tardis for Clothes: It appears unassuming on the outside but houses a cavernous space within, complete with a rail to hang everything from ball gowns to invisibility cloaks.
  • Drawer, the Deeper: Beneath lies a drawer so spacious, one wonders if it leads to Narnia. Ideal for stashing away those skeletons or, more practically, extra blankets.
  • Scandi Chic: Adorned in beige with a natural oak hat, it’s as if this wardrobe breathes in light and exhales a serene vibe that says, “Relax, your decor is on point.”
  • Practically Poetic: Marries the useful with the beautiful in a union so harmonious, it’s practically a fairy tale ending for your bedroom’s aesthetic.
  • Part of the harmonious Megara range
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The Megara Cahsmere Oak 2 Door Wardrobe: The Silent Seducer

In a world where every piece of furniture screams for attention, the Megara Cashmere Oak 2 Door Wardrobe whispers, "Elegance is an attitude." With sleek lines that could make a supermodel envious and handles so understated they're practically introverted, this wardrobe is the embodiment of the Megara collection's philosophy: less is definitely more.

Oak, Solid as a Rock: The Stoic Guardian

Crafted from the most unyielding American white oak, this 2 door wardrobe endures. Renowned for its resilience and a grain pattern that's more gripping than a bestselling novel, this oak promises to guard your garments with an almost Spartan resolve.

A Tardis for Clothes: The Capacious Wonder

Beneath its serene exterior lies a space so vast, you might find yourself checking for hidden passages. The full-length hanging rail within serves not just as a perch for your clothing but as a testament to the wardrobe's ability to make the most of every inch. It's a spatial anomaly.

A Lair for Your Linens

Below, a drawer sprawls with an openness that beckons your bulkiest items. It's a space so accommodating, one could half expect it to offer tea and biscuits. This drawer will be your sanctuary for everything from winter wear to whimsical hats.

Scandi Chic: The Breath of Fresh Air

Clad in a soothing beige and crowned with a natural oak top, this 2 door wardrobe uplifts your decor. Its presence is like a deep, calming breath for your room, promising an atmosphere that's as light and refreshing as a Scandinavian summer.

Practically Poetic: The Elegance of Utility

In the grand tradition of things that are both beautiful and useful, the Megara 2 Door wardrobe stands as a beacon of functional elegance. It’s a statement that practicality and beauty can share the same postcode, living together in stylish harmony.

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Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 97 × 58 × 190 cm
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