Metal Bed Frames

Many people love metal beds for their sturdiness, value for money, and elegant appeal.

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Many people love metal beds for their sturdiness, value for money, and elegant appeal.

Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has many specially selected metal bed frames that form a part of our carefully-curated bedroom products range. View these online or we would be delighted to see you in person at any of our Kerry or Limerick stores.

There is something different about metal bed frames

Metal brings a diversity of choice. Whether you are looking for a traditional bed or a minimalist 21st-century modern style, we are confident that at Corcoran’s there will be a metal bed frame which is perfect for you!

All sizes covered

All the popular bed sizes are available when you buy our metal bed frames in Ireland, these include:

  • Single
  • Double
  • King size
  • Super King size

Many different designs

Whatever the type of bed you’re looking for, we have metal bed frames that are compatible. This includes folding beds, platform beds, sleigh beds, sofa beds, and lift (ottoman) style beds.

Optional extras

You might think “a bed is a bed”, but there are so many options available when you buy a frame. With your purchase also consider as just a few examples whether you need a headboard, mattress, and divan style storage solution. If you need these, we have a large range to choose from at Corcoran’s!

Advantages of metal beds

Here are a few advantages of metal bed frames to consider:

  • Durability – metal beds are incredibly tough and will last for many years
  • Easy to paint – either have natural metal or if you prefer, paint the metal to match your colour scheme
  • Low maintenance – there isn’t much maintenance involved with metal, as it is both waterproof and pest/insect-proof

More metal and other furniture options

If you love metal also consider our metal dining tables and chairs as well as our stunning metal coffee tables. Recline and relax with our sofas range, which includes armchairs, corner sofas,  recliners, sofa beds, and indulge your feet with footstools.

As well as bedroom furniture, at Corcoran’s you will also find furniture listed for the dining room, living room, outdoor furniture, and a wide range of accessories and home furnishings too.

We are here to help

There are many furniture products to sift through on our website, and we know you might need help choosing the perfect pieces for your home! Please, contact us if you would like to talk through your options. Call us now on 064 669 1112 or complete our contact form.

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